Positive Thinking on Anxieties

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Hello Everyone!

As I am counting down the hours of my BIG MOVE! A new chapter of my life's journey begins.
A chapter of the beginning of my growth as a person to myself, and to others.
I can't help but be really grateful for my past, and that I know I can face things head on without fear, with a bit of anxiety, but in a more positive attitude.

I am on my journal of gratitude that I am practicing from a book, and when I look back on the past, they may be full of addiction, relapses, depression, hate, and all the negative energies, I came to discover that there were blessing too. I was just too negative to notice the positive effects of those trials that I have been through. If if weren't for those trials, I know that I am a different person altogether. All our experiences, it may be of happy or sad memories, have little blessings incorporated to it.

Take for example, if it weren't for my ex-boyfriend, I couldn't have gone into a huge depression that later on pushed me to Rehabilitate myself. If it weren't for my trials, I wouldn't have known who my real friends are. If it weren't for my addiction, I wouldn't have tried to find ways to become better, that would eventually lead me to my positive attitude now!

Everyday we are facing different problems, anxieties and negative situations, but the difference of what we know now and what others don't know is that with Positive Thinking, we can be better in everything we do. With positive thinking, we can clearly see solutions to our problem. With positive thinking, we can see the blessing of every trial that we face. With positive thinking, we can have abundance of blessings because we are able to count them and not complain of our lack. With positive thinking, we are able to appreciate the people around us, our family, friends or partners, and even this community!

When I look back on how I reacted to anxieties before it made me realize how I was making myself miserable of negative attitude. Everything is acted upon fear and anxiety. I am always grumpy and never seem to smile that I look really older than my age. I only chose what makes me happy because I was too busy making myself sad at everything. I complain at the smallest detail or problem and I freak out when they are out of control (when in the first place I can't control them).

To think positive makes us healthier. Anxieties are on a minimum, and we are becoming aware of our thoughts and in control of our actions. That we are able to really achieve what we want. With positive attitude, our relationships become better. Our mood becomes lighter. Everything is better! Everything is happier!

As I embark on another journey tomorrow, I will take with me the wisdom I have discovered these past few years. From my affair, to broken plans, to trialed friendships and all. And I will take with me more lessons on everything life will offer me!
Thank you Reuniting for the making me discover other parts of love and relationships that I didn't know existed.

I am happier
I am more positive
I am Recovering

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you all!!!