Day 39 no PMO or MO (So close to 6 weeks!)

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Today has been day 39 of no PMO or MO which is the longest I have consciously gone without PMO or MO, and is a few days away from my 6 week goal! Since my last post, I have had sex with another girl, and I am happy with the outcome! In the past, I have had a pretty bad chaser effect after sex with a girl which ultimate lead to a PMO relapse. After the past 2 sex sessions, I have not had an overwhelming chaser effect which trills me!

Since being without PMO, I have much more drive and motivation to start real friendships, and relationships, and get out into the world. I have been getting clearer information on what I want and I have been making positive steps. My confidence is starting to shine strong in my everyday life and I notice my ability to attract woman through my confidence through my built up sexual energy!

One thing that did come on pretty strong recently was I woke up this morning at about 3am and was feeling really horny for a girl that I had sex with a couple weeks ago. I just layed there thinking of texting her to have sex again soon. I know that I don't want a committed relationship with this girl, and really don't even want a friendship, which would make the relationship solely about sex and I think she is okay with that. I know that is not the best kind of relationship to have, but at least I am now craving the real act of sex, rather than the PMO fantasy, which is a big step forward for me.

I am still looking and waiting for a beautiful, loving, and supportive relationship with a woman. I have signed up for community college classes in the Winter which I hope will thrust me into a healthy social scene and give me access to alot of wonderful woman, and friendships!