about my orientation coz of pornography.

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i m a straight male with a serious problem.i love a girl.we have a healthy relationship.i watch pornography daily.now i have started facing serious problems related to it.i no longer find vag sex intresting.now i want and fantasizing about the anal sex with my girl.things were in control till den.but now i want to try it on myself.i think its d pornography which has made it quite attractive to me.i dont want to do receive anal sex.i m worried dat m i changing my sexual orientation or somthing else.i dont have any idea.i want to stop viewing pornography too.can anyone suggest how to do it.as i think it may hamper my relationship.


Yes, we have lots of suggestions

First, chances are good that you are right. Internet porn seems to cause a lot of "morphing" porn tastes. See Can You Trust Your Johnson?

Second, there are lots of tips on how to quit at this site: http://yourbrainonporn.com/node

Check out the FAQs and you'll see that your problem is quite common. Also, it's a slippery slope...because your brain will need more and more stimulation if you keep watching. Some brains just adapt very quickly.

The good news is that rebooting can return your brain to normal sensitivity and you won't "need" the hotter stuff. It'll take time though.

Good luck. Here are two good forums: