Past my 6 week mark! Day 43 no PMO or MO! (Questions...)

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Hey Everyone!

So yesterday I past my bench mark of 6 weeks with no PMO or MO. I feel much more in control at this point of my re-boot and I realized that I am not fantasizing or having flashbacks of porn at all! If I ever do have a flashback or fantasy, it is usually a flashback from a previous real life sex encounter, or a fantasy about a real life girl that I have feelings for. All this is very good news and I am very proud of myself and very surprised that I got this far. The biggest thing that has helped me get as far as I have has been the education I have received from reading about what PMO addiction actually is, and what is really going on with me chemically from this site, as well as! If I were to give any advice to anyone starting this journey or in fear of a relapse, it would be to research what PMO and MO addiction actually is and what actually goes on in your brain when you are in that downward spiral.

Now that I am this far, I have some questions. Due to me feeling much more in control of my PMO addiction, If I were to ever have a single relapse in the future, and then jump right back on the band wagon, would it take me another 43 days to get back to the stable chemistry I have now, or would it just be the 2 week orgasm withdraw? Does anyone have an answer to that question?

My next benchmark is going to be 90 days, wish me luck!