Male and Female energies blocked with condoms?

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Hi there karezza world! My partner and I are practicing karezza now with condoms, and I have been reading all of this wonderful talk about male and female energies when they are linked together... are these wonderful energies blocked by the use of a condom?

Only if you believe it will

Subtle energy is a funny thing. There are no physical ways to block it. You could put a ten mile thick steel wall between yourself and your lover and the subtle energy could go right through it as if it was not there. It is not physical so physical barriers cannot stop it.

However, mental barriers can stop it. Your subtle energy obeys whatever rules your mind sets for it. If you believe that a condom will reduce your ability to exchange energy with your partner ... then it will.

So, make the conscious choice to not allow condoms to affect the exchange of subtle energy with your partner.

The same principal applies to every other aspect of sexuality. If you beleive that intercourse is the only effective way to exchange energy with a partner then for you ... it will be the only effective way to do it. On the other hand, if you believe that cuddling can work just as well, then it will work just as well. Personally, I am working on ensuring that EVERY interaction that I have with my wife involves a strong flow of sexual energy. Every single little thing. I refuse to be constrained in any way.

if possible

have sex on days you don't need condoms, when you are having your period, assuming STDs aren't an issue.

Obviously, don't depend upon Karezza alone for birth control.

I've used condoms for many years although I don't use them anymore because my partner has reached menopause.

The major obstacle for a guy with condoms and Karezza is that over lengthy lovemaking sessions, his penis will go soft and hard. Often his penis won't be either really hard or really soft, which is actually kind of the norm at times.

Unfortunately, a condom isn't really a great birth control method once the penis has gone on the softer side because it tends to slip out at these points. I've had to fish a condom out of my woman's vagina a few times and it isn't as fun as it sounds LOL.

A way around that is to use several condoms over a lengthy love making session, taking the old one off and putting a new one on when he's grown soft. It is kind of a drag because he has to be somewhat aware of his penis and the condom and can't just abandon all conscious thought or the condom will slip off without his being aware of it.

To some degree, Karezza makes this easier because there is less friction and less thrusting, so the condom isn't as likely to slip off. But do you know unless you pay some attention to the condom during lovemaking? ACK!

But in my experience there is no way around it if you are looking to depend upon condoms for birth control or STDs.

Condoms, no way for me!

Let me start out by saying that I am a monogamist and intend to remain one for life. My sentiments do not apply to situations of medical necessity, etc.

I believe that a condom takes much away from sexual relations of any form. I could make the argument that it's not really sex if a condom is involved. In many ways I feel that way.

If nude and/or near nude cuddling releases oxytocin how much more would the direct contact of some of the most sensitive skin in our bodies. The PIV situation would seem to be a chemical-rich environment even without ejaculation. I can't help but feel that unprotected intercourse between committed partners is a step beyond "hooking up" and using a condom . . . probably many steps beyond.