My Theory On Why Karezza Works

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I like to try and reduce concepts down to the simplest possible way to explain them. Here is my attempt to explain why karezza is so magical.

I think the basic problem with the human condition is tension. We have mental tension. We have emotional tension. We have sexual tension, and we have physical tension. We have tension up the ying yang.

Tension constricts our basic energy flow. It constricts our thinking. It constricts blood and ozygen flow. It constricts us at every level. It makes us feel cranky, frustrated and unhappy. Point to anything in the world that makes you unhappy and I will point to a tension inside of you that is the real source of your unhappiness. You may have gotten tense in reaction to something external, but the tension is the thing that is actually making you unhappy. It is constricting your flow and no one likes to be constricted.

The cure to tension is relaxation. People pay big bucks to get somewhere close to being really relaxed. Much of what drives us in life is the desire to get away from tension of some kind so we can be truly relaxed. People have all kinds of ways to try and relax themselves.

Karezza is a massive tension buster. It floods the body with oxytocin and other good neurochemicals and hormones. After a couple of hours of good karezza you can get into a level of relaxtion that most people never experience except when they are fast asleep. All of the tension goes away and you feel totally open.

Karezza .. makes all the tension go away. That is why it is so magical.



Very perceptive

There's also a neurochemical reality that matches those feelings of profound, nourishing relaxation. Science is only just beginning to uncover it, but at least researchers have begun.

In other words, this isn't "woo-woo" at all. The only reason we lose sight of this relaxation factor is that we train ourselves to pursue orgasm rather than wellbeing...and the training starts so early that many today have no sense of the wellbeing that can flow from connection that is not orgasm-driven.

Worse yet, it can take time for these trained brains to return to balance such that subtle pleasures even register.  In the meantime, all these good feelings seem apocryphal. They literally can't feel them fully. Bummer.