No such thing as moderation for me... with anything.

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I can't do anything in moderation. I can't smoke without eventually falling into a daily ritual. Same goes for alcohol. And the most obvious, porn and masturbation. I have steered clear from the Alcohol, Marijuana and Nicotine for nearly 2 years now. Though in recent months things have changed. I have had a major issue with caffeine. That sounds stupid right? Well, I literally drink 4-5 monster's a day and it is really effecting my anxiety. More so, the effect it has on my brain has made me even more weak. I started drinking on weekends. I smoked weed once since quitting... about 3 months ago. I have been "cheating" on my diet more then I'd like. After remaining 90 days PMO free, I ended up relapsing 3-4 times in 1 day. It has now been 27 days since that relapse but I can feel another coming on. I am just not one of those people that can drink in moderation. So it is time to give up the Caffeine to remain on my PMO-free path. Any advice?

Speaking of relapsing on porn 27 days ago... I've come up with a solution. I used K9 to block porn and nudity from my laptop. However, as people will soon figure out, anybody can find ways around it. I person ally, burried my K-9 Email address behind a light fixture in the garage of my grandma's house so I would physically have to drive there and retrieve the email in order to reset the password. Unfortunately, 27 days ago, this did not stop me from looking at porn. So I did something drastic; THROW AWAY THE EMAIL ADDRESS. Set your K-9 to a new email that you won't remember, after changing your K-9 password, throw away your email. Now if I want to bypass K-9 I have NO CHOICE but to wait 7 days... that or reformat your computer. Seven days is plenty of time to regain your composure and make the right choice.


If you put half the energy

you put into fighting yourself into your social life instead...I think you would be amazed at the results.

Just saying....

*big hug*

OK, so maybe you have addictive tendencies. That's good to know, right?

If you want to cut back, you know the drill. Don't buy the stuff. Pick out some other beverage you like instead. But quitting caffeine needs to be done a bit gently...or you can get bad headaches for a couple of weeks.