A woman asking me for sex... (Day 4 no PMO or MO)

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So I am on an online dating site and I got to talking to a particular woman. She is several years older than me and we talked about sex through e mail back and fourth. It has gotten to the point now to where she wants me to come over and have sex with her TONIGHT! This is by no means something that would have ANY potential to turn into a romantic relationship, but talking with her and knowing that I could have sex with her tonight with no strings attached just totally sends my sex craving through the roof!

My mind is telling me that going and having sex with her would be better than a possible PMO relapse, but would it? I find myself torn on what to do here, and I am having a really hard time deciding weather this is a good idea or not, but I definitely don't want me saying no to this leading me to another PMO relapse.



Can you not

choose another type of sex? By keeping your dopamine needle out of the "red zone" you'd likely have less fallout over the next days.

What kind of dating site was this???Bomb


tell her you need a cuddle buddy instead and see what she says. It's likely she needs one more than she needs to be...degraded. Crazy