Healing the Disconnect

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One of the things that needs rebuilding is trust between men and women. To that end, we need to make sure we always ask before we touch anyone in any way we haven't previously received permission, and that we never take liberties beyond what we have agreed to.

One of the biggest disconnects between men and women is that men outpace women so easily. It takes so little for a man to be ready for sex, that he often doesn't have a clue that he is leaving a woman way behind. Even if he does all the "right" things to get her body ready for sex, if her heart or her mind are not ready, she may be "satisfied" on a physical level, but dissatisfied on whatever level was left behind.

This understandably leaves a man bewildered, but knowing this can help a man to understand that there is nothing more important than to be in tune and in sync with a woman. No amount of pleasuring or technique can replace being "with" a woman rather than doing things "to" her.

Of course, Karezza can change all that, because it moves at the pace of a woman's heart instead of a man's body.



Sure. I know what it's like

Sure. I know what it's like to experience pleasure and orgasm (which is supposed to mean you're satisfied, right?), and yet feel that my heart, mind and soul were excluded from the party, and so have a nagging sense of dissatisfaction.

That's why nothing less than a transcendent connection is worth my energy, in my view. I can be alone alone. If I am going to be with someone, I want him with me, present, not way ahead of me.

This has little to do with sex, really. It has more to do with sensitivity, awareness, presence.


Are on the right track. Stay committed to your values. But also know you have unique values, it may take time to find those values in someone else, be patient.