Day 1 again (CAUSE and PREVENT of relapse)

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So since starting from day 1 again today, I have looked back to see what causes my relapses, as well as what could prevent them. The following lists are what came to mind.

#1 Craigslist Personals ads
#2 Dating sites (not good for early stages of my reboot)
#3 Using internet as my daily social source
#4 Not doing a form of exercise everyday (must do something EVERYDAY)
#5 Killing time on the internet
#6 Spending too much time by myself
#7 Not talking to new people each day
#8 Skipping a daily journal write
#10 Staying in my comfort zone and not progressing further into the unknown each day
#11 Idle time
#12 Reading sexual stories (allowing the fantasy to play out)
#13 Talking to girls about graphic sexual experiences
#14 Longing for a loving, understanding, and lasting relationship
#15 Letting fear stop me from pursuing/accomplishing something

#1 Riding my bike for long distances
#2 Going to the gym
#3 Riding my bike to the library
#4 Talking to girls in person
#5 Overcoming a new fear
#6 Exploring a new area
#7 Involving new things in my daily pattern
#8 Having a written out To-Do list
#9 Taking a walk
#10 Going somewhere with no internet or television for a couple days
#11 Talking to someone about my PMO recovery progress (my accomplishments & fears)
#12 Getting my mind into "work mode" and involved in something productive
#13 If I must get on the internet, do it in a public place (Such as the library)
#14 If triggered, immediately get my mind involved is something non sexual (Do not linger on the "trigger thought")


I envy you

I'm just too scared to give it all up. I only gave up browsing for anything sexual on the internet - stories or pictures. Also, no looking at even clothed women or pictures of them, like Facebook. Little by little, I'll get up the courage.