Day 4 no PMO or MO (The lies of a PMO hangover)

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Today is day 4 of my current reboot. I find it really interesting how much of a fog my brain goes into after a relapse. A couple days ago, I forgot what day it was, and found out I was a day behind!...SIDE NOTE: Whoa! I am at the library and a really attractive young woman just walked in and sat at a table close to me. This is the first spike in sexual feelings in 4 days, haha, what a trip! I was not expecting that and I am too afraid to talk with her, I just don't know what to say, I wish I did. (I am just making excuses because I am scared).

Annnnnyways. I am still in a fog and I still feel a bit "dead-headed" from the chemicals in my brain trying to rebalance. I don't believe any of the negative feelings I have at this time, because I know they are just part of the early stages of rebooting. I know that inspiration will come back after a while, and that I just need to keep on the pattern of success and not judge to much of anything at this time. It's always the early stages of reboot that seem so hopeless, but are never accurate views! I cannot believe how many year I believed these PMO hangover lies!

Thanks to the people who throw humor into their recovery blogs, it's nice to laugh along this journey!