Observations about life w/ and without Ejaculations

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23 year old male, non porn user, I haven't had an ejaculation since November 6th but this morning (testosterone levels being higher) I slipped one out. Face down masturbation makes it easy to climax really fast. I'd been able to abstain for that long I was really hoping to make it to the two weeks. Ah well, I won't let it get me down. While I'm a slim guy at 5' 8" 130 lbs I did notice during those 12 days that I seemed to have a fuller muscular/filled out look. I'm not sure what to attribute that too. Any thoughts Marnia? I know ejaculation might use up some of the glycogen energy stores in muscle but I'm not sure how much. One thing I did notice after this morning's ejaculation is how quickly tiredness sets in. It's almost like an instant tranquilizer. I've read in numerous places that this gets worse as you age. This is one of the reasons I'd like to give up masturbation entirely. Once I climax it's instant laziness and working second shift it means my mornings are usually shot. When I finally do get out of bed I'm groggy and lethargic throughout the day. Well, I hope to check back in soon. I''m going to incorporate exercise back into my life in the next week. I went without masturbation for the first 20 years of my life. I'm really determined to see if it's possible to give it up entirely again. When I fell in love it was easy to do because I had a relational motivation. Maybe I need to start looking for a sweetheart.

Lots of important observations there

First, definitely find a partner. It really helps.

Second, a lot of men have commented that they actually put on muscle when they cut way back on solo sex (in connection with giving up porn). I have no idea why. There's a lot to learn and so far experts have been completely unwilling to design experiments to look for benefits from not masturbating. (Sexual politics are a bitch. Wink )

So what really matters is what you discover in your laboratory.

Lots of people notice hangovers after orgasm. (That's part of what our book is about, by the way.) Guys also sometimes report that the hangovers diminish, or pass more quickly, once they're back in balance.

If you want more information, you may want to start here: Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?

2x in a day

Thanks for all the info Marnia. Yes, face-down masturbation does affect the sensitivity of the penis. During periods of compulsive masturbation you hardly having any feeling in it at all. This quote is so true.

"Recognize that an urge to masturbate arises from two different places:

Your addiction pathways being triggered by a thought or a cue, or
True libido - where you spontaneously get a full erection, and need no outside stimuli or unusual masturbation techniques to have an orgasm.

Everyone’s goal here is to move from number 1 to number 2"

2x in a day

God I feel terrible. Before bed at 2 A.M , feeling somewhat depressed, I let one go. Two ejaculations within the space of 12-13 hours. I woke up this morning feeling incredibly tired with a dull ache in my nether regions and my prostate. It's amazing that in spite of experiencing this many times before, how easy it is to give in to it, nonetheless thinking that it's going to be alright. I'm sure this what an alcoholic feels like when they wake up after a bender. "God what was I thinking, and why do I keep doing this to myself".

Non Porn User

I'm assuming all of these videos are still relevant even if one is not a pornography user? I've never used porn, but I would imagine that if I was a user that quitting masturbation would be a lot harder. It'd probably require having someone to keep you accountable and host of other checks. I used to get aroused and have the urge to masturbate when a female friend would put a picture of herself in swimsuit. I can't imagine what moving images would do to one's brain chemistry. I need to take the time to sit down and watch these.

32 Hours since last E

I felt really lethargic at work yesterday and borderline depressed. It was only about half way through the shift that I started feeling conversational and energetic. Putting aside all the physical symptoms, for me the worst part is social implications of orgasm hangover. I'm already an introverted person and I become more so post ejaculation. At 2 A.M. (The 24 hour mark) I got a sudden intense urge to masturbate. I washed my face instead and read a book before falling asleep.