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Hey everyone!

I've tried before and relapsed but a lot has happened this year to inspire me to change. I'm a cool guy, I owe this to myself and everyone I know and love. Things are going to get better! I'm gonna go to University, I'm gonna travel, I'm gonna do some amazing things! :)
I won't write out my life story here, though it might help in terms of background information, we're a team on this website. I want you guys to help me out with encouragement, I'm going head first into this one, I'm gonna wrestle this demon into the ground and bury it. Life is going to get better! The best I've done before is 9 days no PMO, by the end of this that'll be laughable. I know it's no easy fight, in fact it's one of the hardest one can experience. It's a fight against your bodies natural instinct. It's about 100 times harder than an obese person turning down chocolate cake. We pick each other up though and we fight. Wish me luck!
Out of interest, I posted this when I went on that 9 day streak a few months back:

This is it:

Day 1:
- Not many noticeable changes, just feel good that I'm on my way to a better tomorrow and fulfilling who I know I am and can be.
- Don't have the weary feeling around the eyes that compulsive PMO causes.
- Realise how amazing time is and all that you can do with your time when you use it well.
- Looking forward to the week ahead.

Day 2

Feeling quite angry today. Finding it hard to understand that something natural that my body needs to do is affecting me in a bad way and I need to stop it. Have almost edged a couple of times and then remembered.
- Didn't get up for class today, had a massive go at myself. I know this is the problem. Just so hard when you can't get any help from anyone. Parents don't understand.
- Cannot way for tomorrow, I think three is the magic checkpoint, where things start to happen. Day 2 just feels crap.