Day 35 no PMO or MO (New sex partner)

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So today is day 35 of no PMO or MO. I have had 2 sex sessions with the same girl, and I have not had much of a chaser effect after either of the times, which is great! I am back on the dating site and I have met a new friend that I have been spending some time with, and eventually turned into the girl I am having sex with now. We seem to get along pretty well and we can seem to hold a conversation pretty well, but there is no way that our relationship could turn into more than just friends with benefits. One of the reasons is that she is the mother of two 4 year old boys and I am not wanting to be the male role in their lives, another reason is that she smokes cigarettes and I can not do a long term relationship with a smoker. I think we are just two people who enjoy each others company when we get lonely, but I wonder how long we can continue this. I have been very honest with her and she knows exactly how I feel about the situation, even though it is not ideal for her, she still chooses to hang out with me. The PMO cravings have been few and far between compared to how they used to be, but they still definitely come on strong and unexpected. I know that having sex with this girl is part of my sex addiction, but I would rather do this than PMO anyday! I am still waiting for the right girl to come along who has the qualities that could make me love her, and I can only hope shes loves me.

Any advice?


I think you are

in such a nice direction and taking the appropriate steps. Just keep strong at it ! Surely sooner or later will come to you the appropriate person. *****Best Wishes ☼ ☼ ☼