Happiest Holidays Ever!

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Holidays!!

I am almost 7 days short of my 120th day of freedom and recovery/, and I have never been this happy in my life! Happier than my first orgasm, first sex and first love. I am now able to love and appreciate myself without going PMOing. and that I am proud to have been this far of my recovery. Not that I didn't have any temptations or stressful situations coming in, but then I a happy and proud to announce that I was able to take control of myself.

Thanks everyone!



Congratulations to you Aimee! I'm only on day 48, but I'm also thankful that I've been strong all these days - in spite of the ever recurring temptations. Of course, the longing for a partner is still there, but life is so much better without being in bondage of the FMO cycle!