went 140 days no pmo please help

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24 year old male struggled with ed for years. started porn my first year of college but had bee. Had started masturbating a couple of years before that ( not too young maybe 16). I first noticed I had this problem in my second year of college when I was about to hook up with this girl and nothing happened to my penis. No movement, nothing. This happened again and again throughout the years with aby girl I tried to have sex with. I realized that I can't get an erection without using my hand. I started google searching and learned about sites like this as well as ybop and realized that the problem might be psycological. So fed up, I started a reboot. I went 140 days no pmo. I felt like I was making progress all the way up until day 120. My morning erections had returned and I even had some random erections throughout
the day, although rare. A couple times I even felt some blood start to pump down by just talking to a hot girl. Looking back it did seem like I was making some progress. I even started having sexual dreams even had a few wet dreams during this time. Honestly though when I would wake up from a sexual dream, a few minutes from being awake I would loose my libido almost instantly. I still couldnt really get a full erection without using my hand although I didnt Touch down there much during the reboot. When I did use my hand, it was diffetent than before the reboot. I didnt have to be nearly as rough with my hand. I mean the slightest touch and I could guet hard, but thats the thing, I did still need some touch to get it up. I was feeling fairly confident until around day 130 and I felt like I was actually declining. Just seemed like my libido was decreasing at around day 140 I could barely get an erection from even using my hand. I should also add that during this time I went to a doctor and had a testosterone blood test which said i had completely normal levels. At about duay 140 I lost hope and masturbated just to make sure it still worked down there. The only thibg I can think of is that I am sexually inexperienced. I have only had sex about 5 times with 5 different girls but nothing steady. This makes me think I need to rewire to actual sex but how can I if I get it up around an actual parter? Seems like a vicious cycle. With the ed, I havent had actual sex in a couple years and kind of feel like it would be like loosibg my virginity all over again. Maybe thats what I need but Im not sure. I even failed another girl that I really liked at around day 110 to 130 which also made me loose hope. I should also add that I am an avid runner and run between 30 to 40 miles a week. I used to chew tobacco but quit when i started the rebooot. I just dont understand it, im 24 in the shape of my life, eat healthy and I cany get an erection. I mean my roomate doesnt work out, eats unhealthy and smokes even looks at porn vut doesnt not have this problem. Can anyone give me any insite whatsoever? Should I try to reboot again? Should I hire a prostitute just to have sex again? Anything helps. please.

I'm sorry you're having trouble

Don't despair. This guy was about your age and even with a girlfriend, he didn't feel he was back to normal until 9 months after he started. It sucks. Gary interviews Gabe about PISD

You can find him on YOURBRAINREBALANCED.COM if you want to connect. His name is Gabe. He might be able to answer your quesitons better than we can.

Did you read through the stories on this page? RebootTaking TOO.LONG

Personally, I think your instincts are good that you might need a steady relationship in which to let your sexuality regulate itself. Would you consider that? I think some guys just have pair-bonder brains...like it or not. You can't rule that out. See Guys: Where Do You Fall on the Monogamy Spectrum?

I wish I had the answer. I don't, but I'm sure there is one. You might also find some interesting posts here: How do I know when I'm back to normal?

Porn is really doing a lot of damage...more than we thought even for those who started on highspeed. See this thread: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=3055.0

Keep us posted.

I spent a ton of time

I spent a ton of time rebooting too. I started exactly a year ago. In the summer, I was 6-8 months in with just a few tiny relapses, and I felt like my progress was stunted. I was getting more conditioned to touch, but I still felt like I had no sex drive. Getting an erection was sometimes difficult manually. I decided to just keep going and stay away from porn. Now, a year later. I feel like my libido is back and I can successfully have sex. I had PE the first time, but PE is apparently normal for someone who is having sex for their first time. I am still a little worried about having PE, but I no longer have to worry about ED, as long as I stay away from porn.

My advice to you is to just keep away from PMO but also fantasy. I feel like fantasizing slowed down my reboot by a lot. Also, try giving yourself a massage, like the one described in the above links^ posted by Marnia.

Good luck, i'm sure it will work itself out.