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I was out for a large part of the day, and I'm very tired, so any sexual thoughts have not been met with erections or adrenaline rush.

I got a placement which will keep me out of the house for a large part of the week. I thought this would be good news, but it's not as positive as I thought. This of course put me on a real downer. It's yet another challenge on how to deal with stress/bad news without porn or masturbation.

Physically, my penis is still shrivelled like a prawn, although the skin is a lot softer. After Marnia posted the link to others having similar problems (see here: http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/im-rebooting-and-my-erections-are-painful), I'm quite surprised that this has started so soon, so hopefully, it's recovery rather than some of the more 'painful' suggestions put forward.

Onwards and upwards.


Yep, I read that.

Quite scary to see how long this can last.

The placement just seems to lack what I hoped for. It wasn't very professional, and it doesn't seem as though I'm actually needed. I'm anxious too as I feel as though I could've made a massive mistake with it.

Trust that there are

gifts there that you can't see yet. Sometimes it's easier to stand out in a sort of sloppy operation. Just don't come off as judgmental. Be as helpful and courteous as possible and don't gossip.

Something good will come back to you. Remember, these folks will be giving you a recommendation, so make it easy for them to write. Wink