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{note:I thought I coined the word "consensuality" but I just googled it and it turned up, though in
a rather different sense than I mean it. What I am
referring to is the coming together of Inner and Outer Consensus
between (and within) Individual-Persons. Anyway, being a "Consensualist"
is by no means something exclusively related to Intimate
"relationships", but here are some old songs of mine that deal with in
that sense to some extent. There are Hindu (-esque), Chinese (-ish),
and Folk-Blues and Soul Ballad melodies and arrangements to the songs
respectively. The quotation is there to set the tone I guess. Its from
an old essay of mine. Like most statements of my ideals, its meant as a
clarifying and orienting statement; something to point a direction to
work toward rather than as a council of perfection. I am currently
working on an another essay on the subject. I'm sharing all this old stuff here
'cause I thought maybe it might inspire somebody –I-P}

"The body is the part of nature that we are most concretely. And the sexual
energy that is expressed through the body is not, anymore than nature
is, something to be exploited for the pleasure of a dissociated ego. As
Taoists, Tantrics, and other have long known, the purpose of sexual
energy is to create Life. That Life can be in the form of another being
or it can be in the form of greater Life and wholeness within and
between the individuals who are generating it. To put it in more modern
terms, sexual energy is the energy of evolution. We can evolve as a
species via reproduction and/or we can use that same energy to evolve
as Individuals. "
--from the Essay "Sex, Gender and Healthy Culture by I-P Kerren Odori


Jasmine smoke unraveling there
Thickening ages to hours
We’ve been waiting calmly aware
Feeling the presence of powers here and
Slowly to the rhythm of Life
So slowly as to leave us shaken
We espy in each others eyes
The Serpent has awakened and the
Serpent is rising...

Tantra Deva enter my night
Let me feel your Kundalini rise
Nothing false and nothing so bright
As the Light in my Yoginis eyes and
Sultry sunset smoldering skies
Mystery into the bargain;
Will we die or will we deny
The Serpent in the Garden of His
Sad satisfaction...

Dawn Creeps to the window again
Incense long since turned to ashes
Where two Lingered neither remain
But ecstasy silently flashes there and
There’ll be no uncoupling though
Neither hot passion and sighing;
Heaven above Heaven below:
The Serpents in the Sky and flying
Into the morning....


Here where the Cherry Blooms
Although the summer days end
the Maiden, though with her Groom
Will always be a Maiden
The moon in the dewdrop lives
the Goddess in Our Lady
The Jade Gate receives and Gives;
A Goddess or a Baby..

And brave is she
for the dragons gone
(the red dragon)
wise is she
for the dragons gone
And she is a Person
Now Dragon is
Now Dragon is
Serpent in the Sky...

The Stalk rises in the spring
and stays on through the winter
The Bridegroom to become a King
The Jade Palace does enter
And may they Eternal lie
in Happiness together
May Phoenix and Serpent Fly
In blessedness and pleasure

And brave is He
For the Tigers gone
(The White Tiger)
Wise is He
For the Tigers Dead
And he is a Person
Now Tiger is
Now Tiger is
Serpent in the Sky...


Don’t expect me to connive
like every love song does
at the misery that turns your heart to me
or the desperation or the settling of old scores
with the father I will never be...

There’s a wound that you’ve been hiding from
I have one too
and it hurts to feel the sun shine down on it
It is ugly but it is apart of me and you
And that's not the part of friendship to forget

‘Cause the Devils not the only one who smiles at Sin
God does too, but its a different kind of Smile...
Theres a hole in both our buckets
Will we put more water in
Or practice bein’ tinkers for a while?

I will never just ignore the wino of the world
distracted by your conversation and your grace
theres no market for distractions here, no "guys and girls";
that kind'a money never was green in this place

Well you might think I am ruining the feeling tone
and all the magic of our incipient romance
but its not me who’s the wallflower here I’ll have you know
and this is just my way of asking you to dance..

‘Cause the Devils not the only one who smiles at Sin
God does too, but its a different kind of Smile...
There’s a hole in both our buckets
Will we put more water in
Or practice bein’ tinkers for a while?


I am waiting for the question
that I ask of you
I am waiting for the question;
"Are you sure?"
"Are you sure you want to do this?
Is it in our highest purpose?
I am waiting for the question
"are you sure?"

"Are you asking heart and body?
Is it clear within your mind?
Are you checking intuition?
Are you sure?"
"Is there something you're gainsaying,
hiding, censoring, betraying,
Are you sincere or only playing?
Are you Sure?"

"Stop, in the name of Love"
Don't let us betray our love
for all of each other
for all of ourselves (repeat)

I have waited, taken careful aim
and still missed by a mile;
I'm not expecting something perfect
something pure
But If we dream will we awaken
if not well then well mistaken
well intended, undertaken?
Are you sure?

--BY I-P Kerren Odori

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