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Tired after next to no sleep and my 2hr porn binge. Brain fog, lack of concentration etc. I think most of you know the drill by now.

I am heartened by some of the things I experienced during my previous 17 days; flatline, insomnia, shriveling penis. I have a taste of what to expect and now, I hope I can achieve my long term goal of 120 days without porn. I saw this figure on the Sex God Project website and having read a good number of accounts, the figure makes sense.

However, that is just a number, and I shall see how I react and behave over the coming weeks and months to determine whether that is a truly realistic figure or not.

Onwards and upwards.


I have been in your situation

I have been in your situation several times, just be patient and be very observant of what caused your relapse. As you mentioned on my blog, try breaking your goal into phases, 120 days or 90 days for myself can seem very intimidating or unattainable during the start of the process. I did find that when I reached 70 days that I was getting very close to rebalancing, so for me 90 days will probably be my rebalance point.