The Daily Lovemaking Continues....

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Life is good. We have continued to make love every day since my last post. We don't really have any set order of things that we do in our sexual activity - we usually focus on what we both most need in the moment. I have ejaculated two more times in the last 2 months, and each time I regained my balance within 24 hours in the same way as I stated in the further comments from my last post.

As time passes, it is easier and easier to direct my energy upward, so I think that I will have very few, if any, ejaculations in the future. Putting our chests together helps us to get on the same page with our sexual energy, and tunes us in to each other, very quickly. We now often fall asleep with our chests together and our arms wrapped around each other. After we have rested this way for a few hours, I will often wake up with an erection.

With a few sweet words from me, my beloved will roll over on her other side, and we will join together as Spoons. (She usually puts a small dab or two of walnut oil on her inner labia right before she goes to bed, and it provides adequate lubrication when we join together 3 to 5 hours later. Spooning with PIV is the most relaxing for both of us, and our personal hands-down favorite. We will now once in a while fall asleep in Scissors - when we first started PIV, we fell asleep almost every night in Scissors.

Missionary (with her legs in the air) is also a position we continue to enjoy a lot and use frequently. A typical night might look like the following: My beloved goes to bed at 10pm. I follow her to bed 1 1/2 to 2 hours later. When I get into bed on the left, I lay on my left side and slide my left arm under her pillow. With a soft word or touch from me, she gently turns toward me and presses her chest against mine and we nestle our legs together loosely. We may kiss for a few moments, and then both tilt our heads back comfortably on our pillows to give each other a little space for breathing. Then we both usually fall to sleep within moments. I often wake up around 4 to 4:30am with enough of an erection to easily enter her while spooning. She turns over on to her other side, we join, and I'll make slow gentle movements (for varying lengths of time) and often fall back asleep inside her.

One night I awoke with an erection about 2am, and we made love 3 or 4 times between 2am and 6am (each time we made love for 10 to 15 minutes, and fell back to sleep for 45 to 50 minutes). The next morning we both woke up completely rested and refreshed. On the early mornings that I don't have an erection, we will put our chests together to awaken our polarities, an erection will often happen, and we'll join together as Spoons. If an erection still doesn't happen, she (with my help) will put her legs in the air, and I can easily insert the head of my penis in her vagina, even when I'm completely soft; she will start to lubricate, a little movement of my penis for a few minutes will produce an erection and she will lubricate even more. We can then easily change over to spooning after I'm erect and she's well lubricated.

One morning we had PIV Missionary (with her legs in the air) and we wanted to change over to spooning. Once our polarities were awakened they were very much awake!! I had a firm erection. Without any words or prior discussion, she slowly and very gracefully turned from her back with her legs in the air on to her left side with her legs on the bed, while in the same few moments, I slowly turned from being on my knees in front of her vagina to laying on my left side behind her, all the while joined together. It was a beautiful moment in time that neither of us planned, done as gracefully as if we had practiced it a hundred times.

Recently my beloved has wanted to catch up on some important reading she has neglected for a while, but she didn't want to take away from our time together. What to do? We talked it over. I can easily sleep with the light on. Some mornings she wakes up at about 5am, turns the night table lamp on, we quickly and easily join together as Scissors, and I close my eyes and sometimes fall back to sleep till the alarm goes off at 6am, while she gets a good hour of reading in while her mind is fresh. Eschew the boff. Enter soft. Make love oft. Let your polarities carry you aloft.