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I have lied in my previous post. This blog is not going to be about my battle with porn. It is going to be about a lot more than that. It is going to be about how I am going to try and radically change almost every aspect of my life. I have been thinking about this a lot, I've been reading a lot (from crappy self-help books to incomprehensible philosophical essays) and the time has come to stop thinking and start doing.

I have been developing a model that is built around the principles of goal setting, the importance of habit-forming, the organisational system of Getting Things Done, the Seinfeld-calendar for productivity, and so on... In essence, this blog is simply about how I am (finally) going to apply some of these principles in my own life. Obviously, one of the key factors to change will be my addiction to internet pornography and so it will be the main focus of most of my posts...



Hey Woody,

Thanks for the tip, I just glanced at the sit for now but I can see I'll like it. The first article I read was about getting shape by changing your habits instead of following a 4-week crash course. This is exactly what I want to do: I strongly believe that lasting change does not come from one powerful push but from applying gentle pressure over an extended period of time. And that's exactly why creating habits can be so powerful...