Trying not to masturbate for 6 months

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I just turned 23 and realized over the past few months that I have a problem with masturbation and porn

The problem always arises when I have nothing to do and right now Im waiting on the next chapter of my life so theres basically nothing happening I just have tv and internet and some books to keep me sane and I dont have a license for 6 months so I cant go out anywhere

Anyways so Ive tried going without for 30 days a few times, the furthest I got was in may I made it to 16 days and in june I made it to 12. After I hit 16 in may I went right back to it and ended up feeling like crap. This month though I tried my hardest to abstain and only really made it about 3-4 days everytime. Since the beginning of the year I've been trying to exercise so I bought p90x and did the program and realized 90 days was what it took to build a good habit of exercising.

So my techniques to staying in this are basically this
-installed k9 web protection so even if I look up porn I can see its blocked and do something else
-watch espn and sports channels instead of normal programming which mostly has underlying sexual themes
-spend my time trying to read and study something new to keep my focus on something else
-exercise daily so I release extra energy that makes me feel tense
-try to use this quote to remind myself everytime i feel the urge "when you feel like quitting remember why you started"

that quote always hits hard for me because the reason why i want to do this so bad is because i havent had a girlfriend since 19 and i feel like i need to end this dry streak ive been working hard on getting into shape and i feel like even if i make my exercising goals i wont get a girl unless i overcome this addiction. I've read from numerous people that about 3 months after they stopped they were more driven to find a girl and usually did.

so anyways heres what i feel today
DAY 1: im not really feeling horrible honestly I slept an hour later than normal today, something that i noticed everytime i bust a nut the night before it seems like the next day i feel really groggy in the first hours of the day. honestly this day is always the easiest day by far i dont really have an urge to masturbate or use porn at all its usually day 2 that hits me hard and i will feel all tense and like i cant do it anymore. On day 1 my concentration is always horrible and today is no different honestly I feel scatterbrain and i cant focus much on anything. My eyesite actually seems worse Im not sure if anyone experiences this but after a few days without my eyesight seems to be a bit crisper. I dont have a headache today so that good sometimes I have headaches the day after. overall im doing alright today but its only the first 3 hours of my day we'll see how i feel tonight.

If you don't have ED issues

That is, if you can masturbate fine without porn/porn fantasy...then you may find that masturbation (to sensation alone, without porn or porn fantasy) on a regular schedule is the best "middleground" for you. It can get discouraging to relapse constantly, and it may not be necessary to reboot in "hard mode" - no PM or O). In other words, just cut out the porn.

Just make sure the scheduled masturbation is as far apart as you can comfortably make it, to give your brain a rest. Watch out for the "chaser," that is, intense desire to use porn during the days after an ejaculation: Do You Need A Chaser After Sex?

And read this, so you understand that there is such a thing as too much ejaculation. You have to work out what's optimal for you. Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?