100 days no P and no M

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For the second time in about a year and a half I have made 100 days clear of my porn addiction.

This time I have gone M free as well. This has been a good choice. I don't anticipate having any M ever again. My sexuality will only be expressed with the warmth and love of my wife.

Even with my wife I still notice some unsettled moods and some kind of anxiety after an O, usually day 2-6 following O's. This is diminishing but seems to be still noticeable. I am still studying and considering more no O sex. I am sure this would be a better approach for me. Old habits are tough to beat and that moment of orgasm does feel so tremendous.

Well, I have dealt with the porn and compulsive masturbation, so the next will be more attempts at no O sex.

maybe 100 days from now I will be 200 no PM and 100 no O. That might be cool.