So You Call This Sex?

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she says to me. We had lain together about 15 minutes. As usual me caressing and kissing her worshipfully, a brief back rub exchange, and then I entered the holy of holies. She was ready and our time was up (she requested a brief, limited encounter). Gracious and happy I offered withdrawl. She said, "What's the point? Why get all worked up and stop?" Neither of us was particularly hot and it was her choice to stop. I responded with my deep understanding of karezza, "Uh, to unite the male and female within and make us whole."
"I am whole."
Blessings on us all. I'll keep studying.



Never mind what happens in the sack afterward. Often, this practice is more about how you feel the *rest* of the time. See if she's more affectionate on the whole.

On the other hand, sometimes the practice is quite a different way from regular sex. There can be elated merging sensations...a sense of melting together in infinite peace.

Dr. Jensen, who was also a fan of Karezza, said couples should plan to make love at least a dozen times in this gentler way before they can expect to experience its true potential. Even then, "it" doesn't happen every time. Excerpt from Jensen's book:

Maybe she could just treat it as a meditation, rather than "sex," in the meanwhile. Apart from her doubts, how did you feel afterward?

I'm Very Busy

and she is too. After Sunday night, not much contact on Monday. I asked for the bed time and faced with her reluctance I felt I needed to give her a break on Monday. I was just in her bed this Tuesday morning and it was a sweet 10 minutes. I get so high when we touch. It's still I giving or taking? I figure if I leave feeling satisfied it's oxytocin and if I want more it's dopamine. Seems like I always want more....BUT I am still very happy with the coping mechanisms I've picked up from this practice. I don't miss the desperation.

This weeks mantra: It's all good. If it's a little funky now, it'll get better soon.

I get the infinite peace/meditation part. Karezza is so like my solo meditation practice with all of it's benefits and challenges. I find it difficult to read her and have to pull back and check in....."Where are you?","Come back". When I really get sailing/blissed out, I have to pull myself back and reconnect with a "Here I am."

I've gotten off the goddess track and looking forward to getting back on.

Thank you for your contribution to my life.