One year on from failure...

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I was a member of this site from roughly a year ago. I came on and off, and was the closest I've ever been to quitting completely.

I am now 21, and still a virgin, and have relapsed badly into my old ways.

This time I am determined to stop, it is affecting my life far too much, I hardly go out anymore, and my submissive fantasy's are all I ever think about, this has to change.

I am quitting from now, no excuses, so as always,



You have what you already need

hi my friend

You have all that you need as you already know what you need. Just listen closely to yourself why you are doing what you are doing and start observing what you are doing for where you think its trying to take you.

"Nothing can stop the mind other than itsself"

May your best wishes be rewarded with expected actions.

You will succeed

Nura's point should be encouraging -you 'have' everything you need.

One thought I like to add - .
You haven't laid out your desired goal.

Saying that you are 21 and a virgin is pretty clear... you would like to NOT be a virgin. OK that makes sense, but
I think human nature needs to believe in something at the end of the rainbow... that's the reason why you would do things any differently on your second try.

-In 6 months, a guy might wish to be able to honestly say 'yes I gave up internet porn addiction'

But way better and more likely to succeed:
-I traded internet porn addiction for a girlfriend I'm crazy about, or a hot lover or a fiancee who wants to raise a family or whatever...

I think it's more than a game of words.

in my case yes, yes ended many years porn and excessive masturbation... BUT CLOSENESS AND SEX WITH MY WIFE AFTER MANY DEAD YEARS WAS THE GOAL.

quitting porn is not fully a goal.. iit s a step towards a goal.

What's your goal? Know your goal. Live it think it feed it water it believe in it. NoFap is not a goal it's a step towards a goal.

Goals are way easier to do if there is a dream at the other end of your journey.

Not that it's ever exactly like we had imagined but it's there it's yours, and it's waiting for you. It's totally achievable