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Hi everybody,
Iḿ new to this forum but I have been reading reuniting for several months now. I have been interested (and practicing on and off) non ejaculatory intercourse for years, but this non performance, feelings oriented approach is new and refreshing to me.

Coming to my point on birth control, I saw on news some years ago a new birth control method consisting on a kind of plug the man had to insert in his penis slit. This seemed a little gross at the time, as the pressure of ejaculation can be quite high, but something like that would be perfect for non ejaculators.
May be a small patch of sticking plaster could do, blocking the flow but allowing full contact. Would it be impermeable enough? would it be easy to come unstuck? any other ideas on how to block it at the tip of the penis? anybody heard about that contraceptive approach?



That sounds painful both putting it in and at ejaculation time. Plus, it's not healthy to block ejaculate. Are you sure you're not thinking of this:

These are plugs that must be surgically implanted and block only the sperm, not all the ejaculate. I think they're pretty much like a more easily reversible vasectomy.

Interesting idea Fremen

I am aware of the type of plugs you describe. And you are right, if one has good control over his ejaculatory orgasm, these probably WOULD make a great measure to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

I learned about them as I have an interest in a practice called "male chastity" and these plugs are often part of the training process. They are often rather stylish as well.