A Month without Masturbation!

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I had brought myself to climax twice back on March 8th and found it so dissatisfying that I resolved to abstain. I've never been involved with pornography so there's very little in the way of temptation other than my own libido. Which at the age of 24 is pretty strong. My body seemed to realize I was abstaining. A week after my last bout of solo sex I had three wet dreams all within 24 hours of each other. That two weeks after that were a slog to get through but I made it. The past few days though I could feel myself getting "full" and my penis has become very sensitive. Occasionally my morning wood would brush up against the mattress or blanket and I would become aroused. I believe this led to a build up of fluid. Whenever I start feeling this way I know a wet dream is imminent. The last two days I went to bed early to sleep off that horny feeling. This morning I again was incredibly aroused but I managed to get up and make breakfast. The hot and bothered feeling wouldn't go away. I tried deep breathing and ice but that didn't help. I finally decided it was better to give in and get off quickly rather than have a prolonged session. The sensitivity was incredible and emission was quite a build up but the ejaculation was painful! I don't know if psychologically because I'd been trying to avoid this it hurt or whether I'm just prone to prostatitis. I'm sure making love to the mattress didn't help but masturbation any other way just seems wrong me. I don't consider it a failure. It's been awhile since I've been able to make it a month without bringing myself to climax. I feel like I have more self control now. Let's see if I can go a month without an ejaculation period (whether brought about on my own or a wet dream).


that's VERY good

keep at it, it is outstanding as an accomplishment. Did you notice that you had better focus, mental acuity, were you more goal driven, or any other similar changes during the month?

Yes to all those questions

Yes to all those questions but it didn't seem like a month long abstinence because my body seemed to want to get off on it's own through wet dreams. I lift weights twice a week and my testosterone is through the roof after workouts I'm curious what role that plays in the frequency of wet dreams. My assumption has always been that wet dreams were a way of your body adjusting itself hormonally. I remember before I started masturbating at 21 that I could go a couple of months without a wet dream. They were always very infrequent and only occasionally would you have more than one in the space of a few days. I think this coming month will be more interesting.

Thanks Marnia. I've had pain

Thanks Marnia. I've had pain on occasion and the very first emission I ever had was painful. I think masturbating face down has probably played a role in it. I think the sensation and force of ejaculation is much more intense than what intercourse would be like. I don't think it's something I need to be worried about. Caring for my prostate is very important to me though. I'm sure this is something you've thought about Marnia, but do you think that this epidemic of prostate cancer could be linked to frequent ejaculation?

I can identify with this

I masturbated to my mattress for years and still do. Once you get used to it, any other way is not satisfactory enough.

And I used to have prostatitis issues too. They usually happened when -
1. Heavy stress + masturbation
2. Heavy drinking + masturbation
3. Heavy workout + light drinking + masturbation

So I am guessing it is due to hormonal fluctuations.

Every since I have brought PMO under control, I haven't had prostatitis for last year or more. Except there was this one time when I had a really heavy workout, had a few drinks in evening and then fapped.

Regarding the pain during ejaculation,is it mild discomfort or real pain? I feel mild discomfort from time to time during ejaculation these days. I have a feeling it's because of the volume of ejaculate built up from days of not fapping. Your penile pathways may not be used to such volume so might take some time if thats the case.

It's looking like

prostate cancer may be related to other factors than ejaculation frequency...such as viruses or even other infections. I've seen articles about both. The research looking at ejaculation frequency is all over the lot. The interesting thing is that intercourse seems to be healthier than lots of solo sex.

It's a bit of a dilemma finding the right balance, and I really feel for you guys. Sad

But mattress sex can be risky. Too harsh a stimulus compared to intercourse. Remember, you're always training.

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