72 Hours 7.09.2013

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Spent the day helping my best friend and his wife move out of there townhouse. When your day is spent working and connecting with old friends it doesn't leave much room for masturbation. I felt pretty good all day. I also got to spend time chatting with Katie who took a day off from her pilgrim in Spain to rest up. She really wishes I could be with her and part of me does as well. As I'm typing this I've reached the 72 hour point and I feel that horny feeling coming on. There's definitely some activity going on in my nether regions and that uncomfortable tension is there. I know it's just "The Wine of Sex", as J. William Loyd calls it, filling back up and I'm not going to intentionally spill it.


I don't know if you have seen this circulation technique

It is found in Marnia's book somewhere and the specifics can be hard to find if you go looking on the web. Hopefully M will chime in here with the official version.

When you feel sexual energy building, as you do now, this can be done sitting, standing, or prone. For me, standing works.

Squeeze your anus, and all of your downthere muscles as you inhale the energy from your lower regions up the back of your spine. Old vedic guidance recommends pulling it up the channel of the outer one third of your spinal column. Pull it all the way up to the top of your head[crown] and then on the exhale you relax that muscle set and let the energy stream tumble down to just below your navel for reserve storage. Do this three times and in ten minutes you will forget that you were ever horny.

This really feeds your energy body, and as a reward to your psyche, think of this as a treat. So now your strong sex drive rewards your body with a treat instead of depleting your reserve.

Keep practicing this and soon you will feel it strong as you inhale up and exhale down. This also works to stem the impulse of urgent urination. You will feel shivers when doing this, they use it to extract prana from urine before releasing it.


= "porn, masturbation, orgasm"

Often guys reboot faster when they give up all three (especially if sexual performance problems have kicked in due to porn use).