How can I have pleasure in my penis/body without orgasm?

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(emerson) During intercourse I've started focusing on the root of my penis in the perineum area. This is very new to me and it's not easy to really feel it and be aware of it but it seems to add a whole dimension to bringing genital feelings into my whole body.

(Darryl's reply) Yes, the root is where its at. You're on the right track. Root is where the sensation is, head of the penis is where the stimulation is. With karezza you are moving from a stimulation based experience to a sensation one. The feeling in the root will grow as you focus there. I experience it as one of "sending". Instead of sending semen you are sending your masculine energy. Focus on this energy of sending during each stroke. I think you will find it expands and the pleasure in this sending sensation is much fuller and deeper than that of stimulation.

(emerson) When you practice Karezza there is all this energy built up. When you focus on the root of your penis you draw that energy into your whole body instead of leaving it in your genitals. That's what it feels like anyway. It seems like a very natural thing to do after awhile once you're clued in on it.

You can practice this all during the day. Become aware of how your testicles feel, how your entire penis feels, how the root feels. Not visualizing it but feeling it. You can do this any time and as you do, you wake up the feelings and sensations there. As I have been doing this practice, I have had much more full body feeling than a tip of the penis type pleasure, and it has been amazing.

Simply feel that area during the day and at night as often as possible. Become aware and conscious of it and really feel it. When you do Kegels you can feel the area more directly. If you do Kegels and you are sitting on a hard chair you can feel it against the seat of the chair. All to become aware and conscious and practice directing attention there. That's it. The root of the penis results in much more pleasure throughout the body and I'm just beginning to sense the awesome pleasure from that but it's incredibly rewarding.

(Added later) It is really a simple thing. Sit down, close your eyes, and project your attention to your penis and try to feel it inside rather than see it visually in your mind. That's all. Rinse and repeat. Even in a few days of this practice I can say I have much more ability to feel my penis especially the root of the penis. Intercourse today was extremely pleasurable and I was able to sustain focus on my penis root and feel much more sensation and pleasure throughout my body. I also felt it contributed a lot to my beloved's pleasure. She reported feeling more sensation in her vagina and I could feel that as well, I could feel her feeling me in a great dance.



I so appreciate what takes

I so appreciate what takes place here and Marnia and the folks who make this happen. It's the greatest feeling to see both genders on this journey -- as a female it literally reminds me of my attraction for my complimentary gender, watching you help each other, witnessing you not be afraid to be vulnerable and ask questions and share.

I agree

Here's part of a private message I got today, and my reply:

One of my observations is that WE ALL NEED YIN AND YANG ENERGY. Both types of energy are always circulating around out there and we need to draw upon them. Yesterday as an example, I went to my local Health Food Store to purchase a few items. The manager, who is also a naturopath, greeted me warmly and we chatted a bit on numerous topics, including public health issues. She has a very infectious energy and it carried me through much of the rest of the day, including an hour of pool exercises. Yesterday evening, we had a [political] meeting. Our Member of Parliament. (female) was there and there were some new recruits to our inner management group. It was a great mixture of Yin and Yang and all age groups. I left feeling totally energized and slept peacefully after arriving home quite late.

What I appreciate about REUNITING is that you get right to the point. The biggest problem in male-female relationships is how we manage our mutual and individual sexual energy. We can feed on each other’s energy or we can over-indulge and sap each other’s energy. 1 + 1 at best can equal 3. I don’t mean by sexual reproduction. I mean by what we call in French “le NOUS”, that third energetic being which evolves when Yin and Yang learn how to manage their being together. There is a political statement to be made here too, on many levels, including what is sometimes called “gender politics” but I would say that it has to start with sex education, how young people learn to manage sexual energy from a very early age…… be discussed; referencing among other books Aldous Huxley’s “Island”. As you know, I have 2 grown up sons and now 2 grand-children as well. I would like to live to see the dawn of a new era of Yin-Yang awareness and uniting of energies.

My reply:

I totally agree with everything you've said here. I know that a smiling exchange with a man feels like sunshine to me, and the glow lasts for a while. It doesn't matter what his age or marital status. And the best part it that I know it's probably the same for him, whether he consciously realizes it or not. So I make it a point to twinkle at a sisterly sort of way. Gary also has great boundaries and women feel really comfortable with him. I "share" him with one of our lesbian friends, for example, who also loves basketball. They go to games now and then.

In other words, men and women can be doing an enormous amount to "nourish" each other, even outside the bedroom.

Exactly -- that sisterly

Exactly -- that sisterly/brotherly energy is part of the picture along with the partnership male/female energy, and in my mind, using karezza in the more physically sexual partnership context is what helps allow the sisterly/brotherly to then more easily reveal itself.

Sigh. The thought of kids learning this at an early age brings back such warm memories of pre-sex drive relationships with boys when I was a little girl (we're born with sexual energy of course, I just mean before puberty takes over).

Warm sunny summer days, exploring the woods, finding a creek, catching pollywogs, choosing to release them back where we found them. It was also fun to play with little girls, but there was a difference when I played with a little boy. Maybe that was a glimpse of uniting the energies and le NOUS.