Cambridge University: Brain scans find porn addiction

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brain scan results of porn addictsI usually don't post about porn-addiction developments on my blog here, but this one is a major development and I wanted to tell the karezza visitors about it too.

Pornography addiction leads to same brain activity as alcoholism or drug abuse, study shows

Cambridge University scientists reveal changes in brain for compulsive porn users which don't occur in those with no such habit

People who are addicted to pornography show similar brain activity to alcoholics or drug addicts, a study has revealed. MRI scans of test subjects who admitted to compulsive pornography use showed that the reward centres of the brain reacted to seeing explicit material in the same way as an alcoholic’s might on seeing a drinks advert.

The research by Cambridge University assessed the brain activity of 19 addictive pornography users against a control group of people who said they were not compulsive users.

Lead scientist Dr Valerie Voon, an honorary consultant neuropsychiatrist, told the Sunday Times: “We found greater activity in an area of the brain called the ventral striatum, which is a reward centre, involved in processing reward, motivation and pleasure.

“When an alcoholic sees an ad for a drink, their brain will light up in a certain way and they will be stimulated in a certain way. We are seeing this same kind of activity in users of pornography.”

The study is yet to be published, but will feature in a Channel 4 documentary called Porn on the Brain, which airs at 10pm on Monday 30 September.

The findings, which tally with recent but unconfirmed reports in the US that porn addiction is no different from chemical or substance addiction, will be seen as an argument in favour of David Cameron's proposals to limit access to some pornographic websites. ...




I'm glad these questions are being looked at finally. It's amazing how long it's taken, but better late than never?

Another interesting question is whether porn addiction can lead to orgasm addiction. I have been off porn for 3 months (seems longer, but it's 3 months to the day). I noticed very few cravings for orgasm until I had a surprise uh-O. Then I had a huge chaser effect 3 days later which led to MO. After calming down from that, my wife had an uh-O which triggered me to go for O resulting in another chaser 3 days later an a subsequent MO. No porn was involved, not even fantasy or porn memories. In my current unbalanced state, I notice invasive thoughts about masturbating. I don't want to do that, since it gets in the way of the Karezza awesomeness we have been experiencing, but at times I find the pull irresistible.

I wonder if my decade-long porn addiction has left behind an orgasm addiction that, even in the absence of porn-like superstimuli, has my brain reacting to orgasm in a more intense way than the average joe? Or maybe I'm just a mammal? Not sure, but it's an interesting question...

I've certainly heard guys say similar things

However, I've also heard a number of them say the chaser gradually gets better (over months) - so that inadvertent orgasms aren't as severe (but still perhaps not desired).

Trust that whatever happens is part of the adventure of learning to rebalance.

Ripples often cause more "uh-Os" - so just smile and roll on.