a new dialog between penis and vagina (and breasts)

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Last night was an adventure. We cuddled and I started kissing her legs (but not her genitals...at least at that point) and she asked me to give her oral which I did so she had a pretty strong orgasm.

Then I asked her to show me how to touch her breasts. I guess she felt very safe at that point and started kneading her breasts and showing me how she liked to be touched there, illustrating and explaining which she has never done.

She has always been very breast defensive and this is a first. I think a lot of her sex drive and eroticism is kind of locked up there for some reasons, perhaps past hurts. So I felt this was a major accomplishment.

She asked if I wanted to enter her. I actually felt strongly that she didn't really want me to but I did anyway. I watched as she massaged her breasts and I was inside her and then I did the same motions for a bit.

Interesting: I felt her vagina "tight" and unwelcoming. Exactly as the Richardson books say. After the mostly clitoral stimulation from oral sex the vagina isn't welcoming and the penis knows.

I didn't feel like being there and after a few minutes I stopped. I could have gone on. At no time did I feel like having an orgasm or that I was close, even though I was hard the whole time.

I more strongly realized how the penis really *does* know. How when she's on top she's not really into making love with me for some reason and the penis can tell. I said this to her and she didn't deny it. Something that will work itself out in the fullness of time.

It really is all about a dialog between the penis and the vagina and the penis knows the truth :)

Afterwards we talked and touched. She has a ticklish part of her waist and I showed her how if she directed a lot of presence there it wasn't ticklish anymore, especially if I too touched that area with a lot of presence.

I also said that I wanted to be touched with a lot of presence. I noticed (thanks Zia) that it was strangely very erotic to be touched when she was attending to something else, but I didn't want that, I wanted her to be present. And when she did touch me pretty much the same way but with presence, surprisingly, it was very very pleasurable but not erotic.

All in all one of the most interesting and best experiences in a long time.

This morning we cuddled and had a good time without any intercourse and of course I didn't ask in any way. Then we got up. This all feels very healing and amazing for our relationship.



Wonderful to hear Emerson

I was wondering if you'd be willing to share what your partner seems to like the most, or what she struggles with the most as a woman. If you feel more comfortable, please pm me. Thank you.