Day 28 of Reboot 2

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Had to write about this one.

Yesterday, Day 27, about an hour or less before bed, I fell into a deep "spell of lust". That is the best way for me to describe it. It was strange and almost uncontrollable. I believe it was due to the some partial nudity I saw on an HBO show, and because one of my close friends is hosting websites.

He didn't warn me that the website was just drugs and sexy-nude women. I took a look, X-ed out, and told him not to send me things like that. We chatted for a while about some of the girls we know from school, and it took me to

I began to look at this girl for a bit, the topic of our conversation, and a girl I used to lust after a bit, back in the day. After going through some pictures and having old feelings stir up, I logged out and read a bit.

Drowsiness set in and I began to want to fall asleep, but I kept thinking about her. The mixture of my lack of social interaction since moving home and the activities leading up to my drowsiness,, made me think of different scenarios where I could whoo her. (Though a PI-ED sufferer, I have always been good at whooing ladies and sometimes my cerebral-flirt situations have helped my success) I got excited but brushed it off and went to sleep.

My mind had many vivid dreams, and I woke up early to see a family member off and help them pack their car, I did not notice until I left my room, but another wet dream had occurred.

I remembered nothing from my dreams that would do that, but the evidence was everywhere. I was embarrassed and fascinated. My mood ahs been better, as I have been doing breathing exercises, stretching and doing the male deer exercise almost everyday.