Can Porn make you have gay thoughts?

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As a 6 year total porn watcher (currently quitting) Can porn rewire your brain to think gay thoughts even if you aren't gay? Is this part of withdrawal?

Yes, just as it can

rewire gay porn users to start getting turned on to straight porn. (Yes, really!) Check out these links:

Can You Trust Your Johnson? | Your Brain On Porn

I'm straight, but attracted to transexual or gay porn. What's up? | Your Brain On Porn

Quit using porn and after the stress of withdrawal, your compass needle will stop spinning. Meanwhile, if your tastes are morphing, they are meaningless. Give your brain a rest and stop analyzing your genital's responses for a few months. Things will be a lot clearer then.

No porn, no porn fantasy. Lots of exercise and meditation.

Irrational worries of this kind

when they are severe enough, are known a "obsessive-compulsive disorder".

The worrying IS the disorder. People who slip into OCD can find themselves anxious about all kinds of things.

The second link (in my last reply) has lots of articles explaining what's going on, and why you need to learn to catch yourself and substitute an alternative constructive activity (so you build another brain loop more to your liking...and let the old one fade). See these few pages, for example:

Basically, you have to retrain your brain not to run these anxious thoughts. And when you will have learned a valuable life skill.

Daily meditation helps a lot. Do you know how to meditate or would you like some suggestions?