3 weeks without P or M

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It's been 3 weeks without P or M, which is the longest stretch in at least a year or so. I haven't really noticed any physical effects yet, but do feel some sense of accomplishment, and feel a little less tempted now. I want to get to the point where my body will respond normally to natural and normal stimuli.



Congrats, I bet you will find things getting better all the time!

It is a long and at times a bumpy path... but you can do it. And the freedom from PMO has so many rewards.

Probably the biggest motivator

is thinking about being able to better please my wife. I also think about the problems and embarrassment porn caused me (I think that one of our neighbors heard my watching it one day, and she's never interacted with me the same). I also have decided to reward myself if I hit thirty days by buying something that I wouldn't otherwise. And finally, it just feels weird to not be turned on by the situations and people that used to turn me on; I want to feel normal again.

I am a changed man...you will be too

Before realizing that porn was the problem, I used to think I needed to get healthier fantasies. Now, almost 8 months after quitting porn, I'm finding that the fantasies I used to have don't appeal to me anymore...at all. I actually find myself feeling repulsed by the idea of them.

It turns out, I didn't need healthier fantasies, I needed to quit porn. We live in a culture that encourages us to have fantasies, share them with our SO and even act them out together. But what I found is that my wife and I both enjoy sex much much more when there is no fantasy involved; just the two of us in the moment. I'm now able to make love to her without erectile issues, face-to-face with eye contact. She tells me that her enjoyment of sex with me is far far better than it ever was before; of course we are learning to be together in the "Karezza Way", and that helps a lot too.

This was something I thought I might never achieve, but I did. All it took was to give my brain a break from all that extra stimulation; to protect it...saving my arousal response only for my wife. It's worth it.