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Ahh today is day 2 for me again. I keep finding myself at day 2 but idk my OCD is getting worse, I keep going back and forth with my decisions. I'm cornering myself with things that don't matter and it's affecting my personality and sleep. I'm really trying to dig myself out of this, but it's like I'm trapped in my head. Just hope that things will start to look up soon!




isn't something you can "dig your way out of" unless it's coming from porn and you can stop using for more than 2 days. Why don't you join a forum with your peers EOA? I think you'd like this one: Reboot Nation

And get some medical help.


I have been going on YBR recently, there's a lot of good topics on there as well as a lot of different success stories that I use for motivation. It's just weird, and this has been happening since I first started. Whenever I relapse, usually the 24 hours I gain a lot of anxiety from relapsing, then it subsides. I guess it comes from the guilt of relapsing idk. I think what my problem is is that I am doubting myself, I need to push pass my doubts and kind of go threw the pain of all this rather then relapse. I can't take the "easy" way out anymore and keep relapsing. I will definitely check out reboot nation. I have been watching their youtube success stories as well :D


A forum member

sent me this. Seems like you might find it interesting. Not sure where he found it as he supplied no link but maybe you can search for the thread.


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I followed your advice and started taking inositol and... FUCK ME it's helping a FUCKING LOT. I'm not sure if this isn't only placebo, but it's been over a month now and I feel much better. There are days where I don't have a single intrusive thought, literally, a single fucking one. You should check it out guys.

He added: This is from a longtime hocd sufferer who has taken this medication and apparently has helped a lot. Thought it would be helpful.

OCD is one disease, so even if you don't have HOCD, you might want to see if your doctor would let you try it.


Well I joined Reboot Nation

Lets see how this goes! I like the site and the way it's structured, it's a lot like (Being a computer science major I can tell it's the same exact thing lol), but the more help the better :D


Glad you like it

the guy who founded it loves YBR and has been a member there for years. He still posts there sometimes. "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." Smile

Good luck.

Ocd inositol

I second the inositol would also like to add N Acetyl Cysteine or NAC as a very helpful supplement inositol reduces the obsessisions NAC reduces the associated anxiety. Especially when combined with meditation and therapy.