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I just have a quick question involving Karezza and wet dreams. I have wet dreams on a consistent basis, about 1-2 times every two weeks. I was wondering if it is possible for me to maintain attraction to my partner for a life time with consistent uncontrollable wet dreams. As we all know, orgasm is the root cause for the demise of the majority of relationships because of loss of attraction and the desire to move on. My partner and I have been practicing Karezza for about half a year and almost have it down to a science now. We have been dating for over half a year and I want this to last for the rest of my life because she is truly everything that I have ever wanted in a partner. So will the wet dreams disrupt our chemistry, or if we continue to practice Karezza, will the wet dreams have little to no effect? This something I have been wondering about and searching on the internet for an answer for a while and still have not found one, so I was hoping someone on this forum could help me out. Thanks to all who give it a shot, and have a good day.

Wet dreams

seem to affect different people differently. So if they aren't causing a perceptible problem for you, then they're not a problem. I suspect things will settle down. That's a big change and you just have to roll with your body on things you have no control over.

You may, or may not, find useful information here: WET DREAMS. We collected a lot of rebooting guys' experience with them.

Would love to hear more about your experience with karezza and why you decided to give it a try. And what your sweetheart thinks about it.

Thanks for your help Marnia.

Thanks for your help Marnia. I actually first encountered the idea of Karezza on after discovering I was addicted to porn. As I was recovering I began to learn more and more about the benefits and the relationship longevity associated with Karezza and I told my girlfriend about it as soon as I learned more about it. I love my girlfriend with all of my heart and want to be with her forever, so I was hoping she would want to try this with me, and she did. Initially it took some practice, but after half a year of learning we feel that we have finally mastered it.

However, throughout this half a year of practice, I feel like I have definitely expanded my knowledge the most with your videos that you have posted on youtube. I showed them to my girlfriend and we were happy to discover that we already do pretty much all of the bonding behaviors you mention in the videos. I never have any issues with going over the top, but as I mentioned above, the only problem I have encountered in my mind is recurring wet dreams. I was hoping that wet dreams might have a shorter recovery period from the hangover, compared to a conscious orgasm during intercourse. Although it is very understandable that somethings remain undiscovered to this point, as most couples are not even aware that orgasm is what drives them apart.

I am just glad to have discovered the secret ingredient to a relationship that has the potential to last a life time. My girlfriend and I are only 21, but I am confident with this technique, I will have the opportunity to grow old with this women. Thanks for all that you have done Marnia, you are a revolutionary who is spreading the word on something so positive, in a world filled with negatives.

You're lucky to have a sweetheart

who's on board. That's great.

I hope you'll post as the wet dream issue resolves itself because I'm sure others will struggle with it too. When I first started exploring, and then writing about, karezza most people weren't in the overstimulated state they are today thanks to today's superstimulating porn and sex toys. It was easier to make the adjustment to the gentler karezza approach.

This means I have enormous respect for you and your peers who experiment with karezza. It's a bigger leap these days, and I'm interested in learning as much as possible about your experience so I can share it with others. As you say, a lot of this is unexplored territory.

But it's amazing the insights people are discovering and sharing about porn recovery and now karezza adventures. And this exchange of information is vitally important because it will be a while before academic researchers dig into some of these concepts and their fine points.

Overcome those wet dreams

Hi Geoff,

That you're suffering from wet dreams even while practicing Karezza is a little strange. You should put a routine in place so that the wet dreams stop. I teach mine on my course but here's some tips to get you started:

1. By burning 600 calories in uninterrupted exercise most wet dreams will stop.
2. By going to steam rooms you discharge any negative energy that you may have absorbed during the day.
3. By applying mystical techniques to protect your bedroom you protect yourself from black magicians who want to keep you down.
4. Stop eating foods that can cause wet dreams. Pork is one of them but there are others.

I could go on but the wet dream problem is too large to go into on a short post like this one. There's more information on my site at