new Karezza "technique"?

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Hey, I haven't posted too much recently.

I've observed a phenomenon. I think that if I spend a few minutes just thinking about my wife, it creates massive Oxytocin and really amps up my attraction for her.

By "thinking of her" I mean I sit quietly when I wake up and just feel her presence, picture myself with her, smelling her feels really good.

I used to do this sometimes when I had a girl I was dating and whom I liked, but often it wasn't possible without getting sexual and arousing. Sometimes it was possible but it got lost I think, that ability, due to going too far down the masturbation and porn rathole.

Anyway, going on 3 years here, on this forum, and I wanted to share this technique. It seems to really work to perpetuate and magnify my already existing huge attraction for her and makes everything even better.




As I remember in passing from

As I remember in passing from reading Weor's books or somewhere else, I think that is quite inline with advanced sacred sex: that, at some point, intercourse is no longer required to pass and raise energies, that mere touch (or thought of touch?) suffices.

I am very happy for you, e-!

had energies raised and moved by touch alone

and love that you wrote that, John. Some time back, at two tantra workshops, had the incredible pleasure and blessing of having two men who had "mastered" the moving of energies in a woman's body, by touch alone. And no contact with either genitals or breasts. It was spell-binding, and the memory has kept me on this path.

In one case, all the workshop members were sitting in a circle, in discussion, with the teachers at one end. My friend next to me silently took my left hand in his right hand, and slowly raised my hand. As my hand went up, so did the sexual arousal! I have not had anything like that ever happen before, or, since.

The other friend was doing a practice with me at the other workshop. I was lying down, totally relaxed by some other relaxation activities, so very open, receptive, and present, clothed in a sarong. Without any genital contact, he held my toes a moment, and then went up to just my earlobes, and with both I felt very powerful sexual energies. It's been a number of years, so I've forgotten exactly what the second felt like, whether it was kundalini or arousal, or how it manifested.


My beloved tells me that just walking past the bed we share is arousing to him~~the bed = karezza love and it doesn't take much to raise his energy!

how would that work in an orgasmic relationship?

It would still raise oxytocin levels would it not? But what happens when after thinking about our loved one and raising oxytocin levels we just have regular sex (goal orientated sex I suppose) do you think it makes any difference or because one orgasms it has no effect at all?