Karezza: The Ruby Slippers

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After reading Emerson's blog about new karezza technique just thought to write something from mine.

Karezza will undoubtedly magnify your feelings, attraction and craving for the company for your lover in a indescribable way. The number of hours spent on love-making daily can picture the physical part but not the love and intimacy behind this. It's impossible to describe how a thought of my wife recharges me, sight of her beautiful face overflows me, smell of her sweet fragrance enchants me, taste of her nectar from mouth contents me, sound of her sweet voice refreshes me, touch of her beautiful body pacifies me and making love with her fulfills me.

I rediscovered this realization yesterday night. We have been sleeping together being connected every night but last night we went to sleep with our kids since they were afraid to sleep alone seeing a horror movie. I know how I missed to be close to my wife that I used to be that time. My wife felt the same and after kids got to deep sleep we silently got back to our bedroom. We made love and realized how essential we are to each other.



My God, is this for real?

Just joking - I hung on ever word. This is what I want for myself. This is why I am anxious about dating anyone who is not wholeheartedly committed to this practice - and assures me at the start of dating. I don't want to waste any time with men who are not ready for this.

So glad there are real people here who can give these testimonials.

It IS lovely.