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I always am very anxious and cowardly in the first days after ejaculation, I think this is mostly due to the decrease of neural androgen receptors that happens after ejaculating. Does anybody know a way, to increase androgen receptors(amount or just general sensitivity of the receptors)in te brain? Would be happy to hear from you guys.

I know nothing about how to

I know nothing about how to replenish specific neuromodulators after ejaculation.

But, after I accidentally ejaculate, I try to eat two easy-over eggs and lots of nuts. My sense is that there are lots of good things in those two foods, e.g., magnesium, and that they help my body recover more quickly.

I eat well: quart-size green smoothie, large plate of sauteed greens, large salad, fermented drinks and foods, unsweetened golden milk and unsweetened hot cocoa, occasional bone broth. I take a tablet of turmeric and astaxanthin daily, and add spirulina to my green smoothie.

Nowadays, I seem to recover reasonably quickly from my accidental ejaculations: two or three days with bouts of tiredness, but reasonably normal shortly thereafter. I make sure I maintain my exercise schedule, even though I am a bit tired. My old snappishness and impatience is markedly reduced compared to what it used to be. I think eating well, exercising, meditating, and largely conserving my vital fluid is making me much more resilient, both physically and mentally. My daily cold showers help, too, probably.

A great book on eating well, with clear explanations and simple recipes, is Sally Fallon's 'Nourishing Traditions.'

For exercise, I am most pleased with my 'high intensity, short duration' routine, as it appears to aid in production of human growth hormone and, I think, testosterone. I follow the 'Tabatha protocol' at home using burpees/squat thrusts as my exercise. The book that shaped my thinking on this is Dr. Al Sears' 'PACE, The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution.'

What if there's no quick fix?

What if you have to allow your body to recover naturally?

That said, guys hooked were on porn sometimes report benefits from supplements. From:

What can I do to speed recovery?

A common question is: "What supplement or food will speed the return of dopamine receptors?" Your addiction was not caused by a nutritional deficiency, so it won't be corrected by a supplement. Dopamine receptors are proteins made from the same amino acids found in every one of your cells. Desensitization is caused by too much stimulation, not too few amino acids. If they wanted to, your nerve cells could rebuild the dopamine receptors in a few hours.

More importantly, desensitization involves multiple links in the reward chain undergoing alteration, which results in lower dopamine signalling (dopamine receptors & dopamine levels). You may have plenty gas (dopamine) in your tank, but your fuel pump is broken and half your spark plugs are missing. Adding more gas will do nothing to solve your problem.

Articles covering what to eat to raise dopamine levels are largely nonsense. First, L-tyrosine (often recommended) is the precursor for dopamine (and a few other important hormones). It is easily obtained in a normal diet. Second, "dopamine-containing foods" are of no value as dopamine doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier—meaning that what you put in your stomach won't help stabilize dopamine levels in your brain. Third, and most important, desensitization is primarily caused by a decline in dopamine (D2) receptors and changes in synpases. (For suggestions of those recovering see Supplements.)

What you can do is exercise and meditate. Aerobic exercise is the one thing that increases both dopamine and dopamine receptors. Exercise also reduces cravings and eases depression. One study reports that meditation increases dopamine a whopping 65%. Another study found far more frontal cortex gray matter in long-term meditators. Addictions cause a decrease in frontal cortex gray matter, which is associated with desensitization and less dopamine making it to the frontal lobes. Less gray matter is called hypofrontality, and correlates with poor impulse control.

[27 days without any PMO] "Here are the changes brought about in my own life from the "rebooting" process: The results are 100% real and palpable, and they permeate all aspects of my life. Without the PMO zombifying trance, I've been more comfortable in my own skin, and it seems it's been of great help in interactions with the opposite sex. I also get excited because so many other people have noticed the same effects: increased sexual attractiveness to women in more subtle situations, and increased desire to read and give responses to their cues. Also increased desire to socialize, and newfound confidence. This is no placebo effect, and for any skeptics; the only way to be convinced is to try it. You'll see."