Finally reached week 1!!

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Hello!! I just wanted to say that after a long struggle and a bunch of up's and down's, I have finally made it back to week 1! I have also joined NoFap, which helped me a lot. Those guys have tremendous stories, and their feedback is really quick. The first couple of days were hard, but I am learning to cope with school/work/PMO and the pressures that each can bring! Happy to have made it to a week, but I want to reach 4 weeks, and then maybe 90 days! Just trying to stay positive and balance school and work :D I flat-lined really badly the past couple of days, but I am starting to come around. Slowly, but surly I will beat this!!



Yes it does!

I am currently on day 9 now! I am going to quit soda as well. During my school semester I was realizing that it was contributing more stress to me and wasn't good for my overall health. A lot of studies have shown the affects of it, and I think I am going to kick the habit for good this time. When I was going on my long streaks some time ago, I was not drinking soda. I do however have a cup of coffee a day, but the sugar in coffee is at my disposal, rather then the 48mg a can of soda provides. Also, I am going to cut down on redbull! :D


Well I feel like a jackass :/

Relapsed last night. I couldn't fall asleep and I was on my damn phone! >_< well I'm glad I made it to 9 days, I'm going to start over today and get too two weeks at least. I need to get my mind back into this!