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Seems like we are getting addicted to karezza day by day. Time is passing but still karezza is never getting old, rather is getting deeper and more intense. We are on our fourteenth years of marriage and still we don't get enough of each other. We feel like madly in love.

We are daily having karezza on our bed before and after sleep still I am so immersed into her. Often after office hug from her is turning into sneaky and short karezza love making: the true embrace. Kisses and snuggles are often making our souls to crave for another deeply bonded connection. We are afraid that sometimes we are passing so much time together which might seem very unusual to our kids.

Is this happening only to us or to other long term karezza couples too? What about you, the other karezza couples? Do you connect almost daily? How many times a day? How long? What is the longest time in most recent? What about other bonding activities like kissing, snuggling and even hand holding...?



what we do

is connect 4 or 5 times a week. Every day or sometimes every other day but no less often than that. Once. For 30 minutes I would say. Kissing, snuggling, hand holding other times, for sure. 

What is always better than ever, are my feelings for her, and our partnership is very strong in all areas as a result. Madly in love is a good description.

Thanks for answering

Can you tell lease what's your and your wife's age and for how long you have been married and also practicing karezza. It would be helpful to have clear picture.

Good that you are also madly in love. But it looks like we are karezzaing a bit more than yours and may be than usual.