Karezza and birth control

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Hello everyone!

I have been reading about Karezza and am inspired to try it, as a complete and total beginner. Before beginning, however, I would very much like to know what the collective wisdom is regarding Karezza and birth control. It is often spoken of as a method of birth control. From what I have gathered searching these forums and the internet, there are at least some people who combine it with other methods of birth control (for example, the rhythm method/observing the woman's fertility cycle; others have spoken of condoms, male and female, etc...). From everything I have been able to read in the internet, I have not been able to gain a satisfactory understanding of the situation.

I understand that no method is completely effective, so there is always some degree of risk (even with condoms). What I am wondering is: how do people generally practice karezza? Without any other birth control method (i.e. without a condom)? And what are people's experiences in this connection? Does it sometimes happen that a woman gets pregnant practicing karezza, and if so, is it very rare, rare, happens occasionally...?

Could we say that, experientially-speaking, karezza is about as effective as the use of a condom in terms of birth control? Less effective, more effective? I am not looking for anything "scientifically-solid" in my questions, but more an experience-based answer resulting from the collective experience of karezza practitioners over the years.

And I read that it is very normal for there to be "accidental" orgasms sometimes, particularly with beginners when they are first starting to practice. What do people do if the man accidentally ejaculates? Does the woman then take one of these (very objectionable, in my opinion) morning-after pills?

I really feel like a total beginner and want so much to try this, but feel that I still do not know enough. I would be so grateful if people here could share their experience and wisdom.

Thank you!!

Daniel S.

good article

Even with powerful ejaculation control, there can be some leakage and hence some fertiization risk. The methods mentioned make sense in reducing that risk.

Our Birth Control Experience

There has been a fair amount written on contraception on the site. The reference that Marnia gave is pretty extensive and it has its own additional references. Most of that was done by Hotspring, pretty extensive listing of all types of birth control—some of the esoteric Tantric stuff I don’t exactly get. Women stopping their periods, etc. I just don’t get that but I guess it is possible. Hotspring is more spiritual and I am more pragmatic in my outlook, but I really like to read what Hotspring writes.

I also wrote a post on a contraceptive related topic which rather than rehashing I will reference for you. That post relates to a problem with using male continence of any type for contraception, residual sperm. Basically it says that if you don’t ejaculate very often the sperm ages and becomes less potent. So even if you do ejaculate after a long period of abstaining the likelihood of conception is greatly reduced.


As for our personal methods of birth control, we started out in high school with only doing oral. No one ever got pregnant swallowing that stuff. When we started doing PIV we used condoms—mostly. We rolled the dice a few times but we were being really careful. Then my girlfriend was about a week late one time, we used condoms more religiously after that. Once we arrived at college my girlfriend, along with every other freshman girl there, headed right to health services and went on the pill. We still use that as our method of birth control even though we are pretty much doing Karezza. My girlfriend is satisfied with the pill for several reasons. Reliability is very good; moderates her periods; is convenient; she has few if any side effects; breast development. Her favorite may be the last one; she is convinced that going from a “B” cup to a “C” cup is because of the pill. In the last two or three years she went up a full cup size, she still has an athletic type of build so it isn't from weight gain.

We have discussed other forms of birth control. Coordinating with a woman’s cycle and using Karezza should be reasonably reliable. Especially if you pull out if you are going to cum. Oneida Colony was relatively successful in preventing pregnancies with male continence. I am not sure that it would be as reliable as the pill for most people because it takes discipline and most people are lazy. Although these methods are “Partner Methods”, in reality the woman is going to call the shots on what method you use. Also these methods, including the pill, are only applicable if you are in a monogamous relationship. If you are sleeping around you better wrap that thing in rubber.

In the end it all comes down to what you and your partner are comfortable with, what level of security you both want. Any method can fail, some more easily than others. If my girlfriend had gotten pregnant in high school it would have been a disaster—not to mention our parents would have killed us. Right now it would be really inconvenient but we could cope with it. In 6 or 8 years we will be looking to get her pregnant. So along the way we may opt for a less secure method.


I just wanted to say thank you for everyone's replies to my question. I came to the conclusion that some form of birth control is necessary, that it is otherwise simply too risky, despite the fact that in the past, Karezza was practiced as a form of birth control and that J. William Lloyd, for example, says that it is safe.

The question that remains for me is: does wearing a condom, for example, hinder in any way the energy exchange during Karezza? Has anyone had any experience about this, or read anything by anyone who has written about it?

With many thanks in advance!


Your experience matters most

We found a preference for lambskin (only for birth control, not STDs) over latex and female condoms in terms of feeling more condomless. The energy/connection seemed better to us. We've tried Trojan NatruaLamb, but there are perhaps others. These can have some tendency to slip off if too vigorous or when pulling out. They also aren't inexpensive.

We came up asking the same

We came up asking the same question before. Answer was the same: theoretically it looks karezza can be used as birth control but practically there is always a risk of impregnation by pre-cum or by leaked sperms. So, none actually using Karezza as birth control.

Like Maso we also use pills for birth control. It also benefits us by regulating her period. It's great that my wife comfortable with the pills and we don't have to use condoms instead.

Daniel, I doubt that wearing

Daniel, I doubt that wearing a condom will interfere with the energy exchange. Diana Richardson, in 'Tantric Orgasm for Women,' wrote that women can still exchange energy through their breasts even if they have had a mastectomy. I sense energy recirculation with my wife through her breasts even if she has a pajama top on. So, I think you will have no problem projecting energy while wearing a condom.

Condom Use and Time of Cycle Planning

Daniel S. glad the information on this site was helpful. The collective knowledge is what makes this site so valuable—as Marnia has said many times. One problem in answering someone is we don’t have much information about other people. After reading someone’s postings for awhile you get an idea about them. I assume you are fairly young and are in a monogamous relationship.

You said that you have decided to use condoms, which are very reliable if used correctly. Since most people who use condoms like to bareback it sometimes, I suggest your partner keep good track of her cycle. Practicing Karezza, using condoms or having sex on only really safe days should keep you out of the diaper aisle. With any form of birth control you are rolling the dice, but the alternative of no sex seems less than appealing to most people. Pianoluvr also uses condoms at critical times of the month; he has an excellent post if you haven’t read it you should. http://reuniting.info/comment/93908#comment-93908