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I've got a question for the community at large, but in particular Marnia & Gary. As I've learned more about the science behind the passion cycle I've grown curious as to what other activities have their own physiological cycles. I've learned all about the reboot from cannabis and sex subjectively but I've noticed that other activities also have their own cycles. I'm most curious about the relationship between dopamine and exercise. If dopamine levels increase during intense exercise, does this increase "cause" the brain to think about closing the doors for a little while on the D2 receptors?

To put it more generally, does any intense stimulus to the physiology which exerts itself on the neurochemistry have the potential to bring about a subjective decline in overall feelings of well being?

Exercise is not my speciality

but I have collected some articles that  describe the brain effects from exercise: http://yourbrainonporn.com/vigorous-exercise (scroll to the child page links at the bottom, which go to individual articles).

However, I collected them because exercise, like meditation, socializing and daily affection, can generally help restore normal receptor balance in the brain. That said, some people do get hooked on the endorphins from exercise, and they may also experience a letdown when they can't get their fix - if their brains have adapted to that regular flood.

I think you might find the website www.gettingstronger.org of interest. Yours is the kind of question the host of that site would enjoy digging into for you. He focuses a lot on beneficial stressors, of which exercise is one.