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Printer-friendly version we go into our 41st month of daily lovemaking. With Karezza my wife's vagina is "a garden of continual delight", and her favorite name for my penis is "the wand of light with the magnificent head." Whether the energy between us is vibrant because we are both well rested, or quiet because we are tired, we always relax and balance each other, with an abundance of pleasure for both of us. It's very validating as a lover to have such intense waves of pleasure coursing through my beloved that she often has a hard time catching her breath. Most of the intense pleasure and deep healing has happened with a soft penis. We are both in the best health of our lives. In addition to the highly nourishing, healing lovemaking of Karezza we both eat a high raw mostly vegan diet. She is 68, and is often told she looks 20 years younger. In the 3+ years that we've made love daily, her body has reshaped itself significantly and she has not had a single problem with her female organs. Not even a yeast infection. I can easily see us making love daily or frequently for the rest of our lives.



I'm a newbie at this. Did

I'm a newbie at this. Did the 2 of you go to a seminar on karezza ? Just wondering how you got your start on this path? We've been studying the reading materials, CPA and Diana Richardsons books. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Linda,

Hi Linda,

We didn't go to any seminar on Karezza or Tantra. The biggest influence on our journey together has been CPA and Diana's TOFW. We also read Diana's TSFM and read a lot of articles and posts on this website. We also watched the DVD Making Love by Diana.

We are both always conscious of our male and female polarities. Now, sometimes the sound of my voice will cause my beloved's energy to move and give her pleasure. Or a feather light touch down her arm will move her energy. Sometimes, a warm hug from her while we are standing will give me "a tickle in my pickle". Find as many non-sexual ways as you can to match up your positive and negative poles with your partner. Matching up your opposite poles will prepare you for PIV, and you will know when you are ready for him to enter. We use Walnut Oil always, and often after we've been together for a time her natural lubrication starts to flow. It completely takes away the performance pressure to lubricate that she might put on herself.

Your intention toward each other is HUGE. We decided early on that we would only use our bodies to bless each other. As we healed each other of our sexual hurts from the past, the flow has continually improved. and there is nothing negative in our history together to hinder a free flow of energy between us.

I wish you all the best on your Karezza Journey. Thanks for your questions.

Sounds wonderful!

Sounds wonderful! Congratulations! I am very happy for you and your wife!

I look forward to reading your past posts to read about your starting point and progression over time (my brain works best when I know history and context).

Thanks, John G.

Thanks, John G.,

I agree !!

When I find a writer that I like, I try to read everything they've written to see their progression of thought.

All the best !!

That's great

Very inspiring story. I do think karezza keeps the couple lively and young both mentally and physically. We do hear complements how happy and good we are looking too. It's unbelievable that at that age of 68, your wife and you are making love daily. We do make love 2 (sometimes 3) times a day daily (except during her period) and may look unbelievable to many people too. Congratulations. I wish happy long lives for both of you.

Hi Lovers13, (that's a great handle !!)

I'm glad you were inspired by our story. I'm very happy to hear that you and your beloved are reaping the amazing benefits of making love often with Karezza. I would like many people to know the unlimited potential of Karezza to go any distance a couple wants to go, without ANY negative side effects. Diana Richardson in an interview with Eva-Maria Zurhorst tells of a elderly couple ages 78 and 84 who were completely rejuvenated within a year by making love often with Karezza/Tantra. Hearing her story before we were married inspired us with the potential of Karezza to turn back and slow down the clock. I did read the conversation on your post Karezza and Children. I'm so happy to hear that things are better now for you and your wife with Karezza. I did post a short quote in response to Marnia's comment on that thread. May you both have much health and happiness together, and may your adult children go out into the world with a clear understanding of the kind of lovemaking that keeps their parents so happy and healthy.

Thanks Blissed

Thank you for your wishes. Me and my beloved wife are 43 and 37 years old and really you-your wife and that couple with age 78-84 are real inspiration for us. We wish and hope that the peace and love will prevail for the rest of our lives together.

We are really happy and proud of our kids. Pray for them so that they can become nice person with bright and happy future. Being the perfect witness of the benefit of karezza, when they realize they might adopt it in their life willingly when get married. But I think they are now too young for such things.

I'm sure

that you will know when to start having age-appropriate conversations about Karezza.

Or perhaps they will come to you for information when they are ready.

We will keep your children in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for your appreciation

Thanks for your appreciation for our children. They are only 11 and 8 now and so lots of years ahead of them before getting married. We will definitely like to see them entirely happy with their spouses. I hope they will imbibe what is required for that on their own observing their surrounding by this time. And we are always there to help for sure.