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I hope all of you are doing well. I have been bit busy lately. My wife is now 7 months pregnant with our third child. Though it was not planned but we are very happy about it. Our version of karezza and my wife's irregular taking of birth pills didn't seem to work. But, karezza seems to work perfectly to make love with my wife during pregnancy. Our intimate, almost static and non-orgasmic karezza lovemaking really suit fine with her condition. I think our love, understanding, chemistry and responsibility towards each were never such great. My other two lovely children are doing fine. Hoping for everything continue well. Thank you.



Yes, we used to have orgasmic

Yes, we used to have orgasmic sex about every 4 weeks just before starting of her mensuration. I remember, I ejaculated inside her 2 times during our orgasmic sex and didn't have any other inadvertent orgasm on that month. She used to take pills but missed few doses on that month too. Whatever it is, we are really happy with what has happend and we are happily waiting for our third child: the fruit of our love.

We don't have sex as much as before due to my wife's low sex drive and physical condition. But, yes we are having much more sex than her previous two pregnancies. Our style of karezza has been much more like a bonding session and it nicely fits with her condition now. She is into her final trimester and may be we need to cease having sex soon. If karezza is not there, I think there will be some moments of affectionate cuddling and kissing. Even if not, I am totally fine as long as my wife and children remain healthy and fine.