Internet Porn Nearly Ruined His Life. Now He Wants to Help.

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Not science, but might interest some. The article is about the founder.

Kind of a pathetic article

Here's the letter I wrote to the editor (which I doubt will appear in the Times Wink ).

Dear Editor,

I was both heartened and disappointed by Sridhar Pappu’s piece about Alexander Rhodes, founder of and Reddit/NoFap (‘Internet Porn Nearly Ruined His Life.Now He Wants to Help’). It’s encouraging that the Times is beginning to address the plight of today’s young porn-consuming males, but I was surprised to see that Pappu did not mention the growing body of recent research linking excessive internet pornography use with sexual dysfunctions, lower brain activation to sexual stimuli, and sexual and relationship dissatisfaction. Pappu’s piece arrived in my inbox along with an alarming new 2-year longitudinal study on adolescents showing that nearly half of Canadian males (age 16-21) reported erectile problems and low desire/satisfaction during partnered sex. (ED rates in men under 40 were historically 2-4% prior to streaming porn.)

Hopefully the Times will take an in-depth look at the recent work by reliable researchers on today’s porn users. In addition to the studies described above, there are more than 20 neuroscience studies/reviews on porn users by highly credentialed experts at Yale, Cambridge, Max Planck, etc. They show the kinds of brain changes seen in those who struggle with substance abuse.

This issue is far larger than Rhodes. Millions of men on similar forums worldwide have reported dramatic improvements in severe symptoms after quitting today’s porn. Brains, and especially adolescent brains, are highly malleable and hyper-responsive to novel sexual cues. Never before in mankind’s history have developing brains been subjected to the supernormal stimulus of streaming, endlessly novel internet pornography. Let’s hope the Times continues to monitor the results of this massive, unprecedented experiment.

Best regards,

[I'll spare you the list of references I put below the letter.]


Thanks for applying your fine

Thanks for applying your fine mind, high energy, and sharp pen to that, Marnia. May the editor learn that there is much, much more to the sexual continence story than mere anecdote, with lots of solid data out there. May the editor be heartened to help spread the word from his pulpit.

Must everything be

Must everything be politicized?

Do we ever learn that it's-ok-when-you're-older doesn't work? 

Oh great. My partner doesn't like it when I corpse during karezza. I see I was just ahead of the curve and will now need to move on to trendier things. 


My guess is that things are politicized when those who do it believe they stand to gain...votes/blind agreement/sympathy/self-righteousness.