Strange Issue with meditation

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This is kind of a weird thing to post about, but I have been trying to get into a regular meditation practice for a while, but I have the experience of starting to climax when I do it however, which is putting me off progressing with meditation. I think it is worse when I am walking whilst meditating, but it has also happened sat down when I was focusing on the movement of leaves of an outside tree. There are no sexual thoughts involved, I just feel sexual energy building up in my body, as soon as I quiet my mind, then start to get the beginning of discharge sensations. I don't know what the cause is. I think possibly if I just stayed with it and tried to observe the feelings detachedly, the sensations would calm down, but it is quite distracting lol. Has anyone experienced something similar to this? I try to do no fap generally, though I don't always manage, and I still masturbate in my sleep relatively often, which I don't know how to stop, because I can't consciously control it.

Thanks in advance for any replies/advice.


All I can say is read anything you can on Kundalini.
I've done what you're talking about, but it's always been from intentional focus on the lower chakras. It's very pleasing to take that energy and raise it up through your heart and out from there into the world or out through any one of the other expressive centers (throat, 3rd eye, crown).

Life Force is Sexual Energy

Wow, You're lucky!
It's been quite an awakening for me to realize that the goal of all spiritual practice is to feel more flow of energy.
Everything in the universe is made of one kind of stuff, and that stuff is sexual life force. I had been working with Zen practice recently, especially the teachings of Charlotte Joko Beck, who is one of the clearest teachers in the western world. Her approach is basically to become aware of thoughts, notice them and then return to the sensations in the body. When I first got into this, I was sitting 3 - 4 hours a day, eventually, what happened was, since I was returning to the sensations in my body over and over, it became kind of a "duh" thing to just stay there as much as possible. And that's when I actually began to feel as though the sitting meditation was just an extension of Karezza sex - a lot of beautiful, buzzing energy. I really feel that flowing in this, simmering in this, is what begins to break the barriers within us.

After reading a book on

After reading a book on tantra, and learning to be fully present in daily experience more often, I found life to be sort of orgasmic, but not in the explosive way. It was more like waves of energy flowing up my body to my brain from my pelvic area.

I remember sitting in a garden, and noticing a persimmon tree. When I observed the tree laden with fruit, what I called an energy orgasm occurred. It was a peak experience, but not a climax, if you know what I mean.

When we are practicing presence, fully engaged in our current experience, we are, in a sense, making love with the universe. We are entering Oneness, and experiencing communion. I would love to remember to practice this more often.

Meditation can be weird.

Meditation can be weird.

Nuff said.

For some it acts like a drug, it can even be addictive. I'm not saying it's dangerous, but if you don't feel comfortable doing it then there's not much reason to. Join a club, volunteer for something. There's a whole world out there.

A famous Zen Master once said concerning meditation: 'why thus task this stinking bag of bones?'

good to keep energy moving

I'm can't say I have any idea what is happening to you besides an energetic opening of some sort, but I feel like taking up a regular yoga or qi gong practice would be helpful to ensure that your system uses the energy in the best way!

Best as in, for spiritual development and healing for your body/mind. What you describe sounds like an awesome experience though! Enjoy the bliss!