year is ending, so what did you learn?

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I have learned even better that a voice always says, "you should come", and when I'm inside her, I think, there is the voice, just as I expected to hear. And I pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and I avoid coming.

Except when I don't, but then I pay for it.

I found some things that increase libido and erections this year which I've been practicing, and all is good. 

As I said a year ago, nothing changed wrt my wife and her low drive but I finally stopped caring.

She is very happy it seems, and even if I'm the one feeling the exquisite sensations and world of this type of sex, and she isn't, well, that's not my concern.

So that's what I learned this year.

What about you?



Great Idea!

Great idea to post, e-; thanks!

Me, I have learned that I really, really need to be more aware of potential trip points during Karezza. My wife is physically receptive, though not verbally or openly or directly. Yesterday, I ejaculated as she became more and more responsive to facial massage during Karezza. I now know I need to dial that back to not be stimulating for her.

Three years into this, I am still learning (or not!) how to keep from ejaculating. Part of it is that my body is evolving, and I am able to better resist falling over the edge. But, as I build up that ability, I move further out on the pushed out boundary. Some people -- ahem -- never learn...

Anyway, Karezza is wonderful and I truly feel like an improved husband, father, and person.

Merry Christmas to All, and Best Wishes in 2017, friends!

Lizard love

I learned to properly appreciate my lizard. Rather than lock him up, or vanquish him, I have tried to inculcate a degree of responsibility and moderation into a previously wild creature. He's on a lead, of sorts, but I like to let him off, now and again, to play around a bit, or at least give him the illusion of freedom. Naturally, he remains constrained by convention - if I let him completely loose I would probably get locked up. Occasionally, he slips away from me, which I try not to hold against him. I've grown to love him, overall.


I've been enjoying karezza sex for, I think, around 18 years now and I noticed at some point, after 10 years?, (hard to remember when), the "voice"/lizard just stopped whispering in my ear. Gone to sleep, peacefully resting somewhere...I don't know. Happy he's silent.

Don't know if its simply time, (a lot of it) or my personal make up, but I want to let you guys know the lizard does eventually go quite, at least in my case. I still have to be vigilant about not slipping over the edge but the "voice" is no longer there trying to give me a shove from behind.

that's amazing Darryl

That is very reassuring.

When I started this, I didn't come for 7 months. And then only very infrequently. More recently it seems to be once or sometimes twice a month which is way too much. I hear that "it's a good idea to come" voice EVERY time I have sex (and it's not my wife talking either).


The interesting thing I have

The interesting thing I have observed about this particular journey is the progress being more up to my body than my brain. In my male goal oriented, "I'm going to conquer this now" approach to mastering my sexual urges I have not been successful in the way I usually am with other things. In some ways I don't like it but in most ways it feels right. Its just not a mental process and I cant push the river.....damn it!! Dare I might say mastering male sexuality has an aspect rooted in the feminine.