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(I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong part of the forum).



a few years ago I came across the concept of Karezza.
I thought: My God, this is Amazing! More people should know about this! This should be Mainstream!

And then I went to google and searched for: Karezza Cards.

They did not exist.
I love tarot. There's lot of tarot cards, and oracle cards, and cards for Everything. (With recipes and exercises, etc.)

But no karezza cards.
Well, I thought: Someone Must make them.

They must exist, they must exist in reality.
Well, then I thought: why not I make them?

BUT: I have no drawing skills and even if I did - what do I draw?!

I swear - I spent Years with this thought in my head: "I must make them."

So little by little I gathered my resources: I read a few books, and then I started drawing. And then I uploaded the result to an american site: the gamecrafter.

The final result is here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/karezza-cards

What is my intention with these cards? My intention is only to put them out into the world - to make them exist. My intention is to someone, looking for the same exact thing that I did a few years ago, find these cards and then they go: "Humm, I could do better." And then this person or persons actually do better (in design and words).

It's just so weird that - as far as I know - this concept (karezza cards) was placed inside my head. It really amazed me to discover these cards (and I'm not talking kamasutra cards - they exist - but karezza cards specifically) did not exist.

It feels sometimes god, the universe, the source, whatever you wanna call it, put this idea in my head, and honestly, I don't understand why: I have limited drawing skills and although I do believe karezza should be more mainstream (I'm a bit of a radical - I believe it should be taught in schools) , I cannot call myself a sex activist (my interests are more related to astrology and tarot and anything esoteric). So... why me? Why did this idea found its way to me?! That's the puzzling thing.

Anyway, here they are.


Thank you for reading :)


It's kind of like a game - it has 40 cards and basically the couple picks one or more and just follows what it's written in the card itself.

EDIT: but these are only cards. (Nothing more.)


That's a good idea, thank you. I have so many ideas in my head - can't focus on one right now.

But, meanwhile, it's only cards. Plus, I want to publish it in other languages.

This is a bit by bit project (meaning: little by little I'll be expanding.)

Have you considered an app

Have you considered an app that contains a virutal deck? That might be easier to translate. And global distribution costs might be lower. And you can expand the deck. But you'd have app costs even with a card deck API. 


I rather like the idea of "it's only cards" myself. The way I understand Karezza is that it's a way of being. It is both a very human thing and something else that I don't even have the words to express. But I say that as one who has not experienced Karezza. So, what do I know? Blush