long distance or weekend karezza relationships - how do you handle?

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Recently I was away for a period of time, sadly, and when I got back I had an enormous amount of sexual energy and we both came.

I'm not saying this is bad, but I wonder how you do it if you have a relationship where you live apart during the week.

When you get together, do you come at first, and then not come the rest of the weekend? Or do you learn to avoid coming at all?

I think the anticipation that I had created so much sexual energy it was impossible for me not to come. But if I had to be away from my wife every week and only see her on weekends (which I would hate cuz I'm crazy about my wife) I would learn to not come even then as it's so much better.

But how do you handle this?




Wish I had the answer

We've had the same experience.

BTW, research has shown that after an absence between mates, male partners ejaculate more when they reunite. The researchers theorize some kind of sperm competition in case there was fooling around by the other partner. Who knows? But the point is that your biology may have its own ideas in this circumstance.Dirol

Maybe becoming aware of this phenomenon and trying to connect without much movement the first time back would be a way to ease past it. We're apart so rarely that we don't have much chance to experiment with techniques for getting around this phenomenon.

I definitely know that karezza seems to work  best in lovers who are together more or less constantly.

honeymoon effect 2

I felt no aftereffects of this orgasm and since then haven't come at all and have had no observable effects. I suppose a honeymoon effect, with hormones so high that orgasm didn't hurt. 

(calling Rachel LOL)


Glad to Hear...

...that you have no lingering after-effects from your inadvertent 'reunion orgasm.'

I would guess that, after years of Karezza, your body has built up lots of reserves of hormones, minerals, and all the myriad things in ejaculate and in your brain's circuitry such that inadvertent orgasm is only a minor speed bump. I say that because that is the case for me, that after 3 1/2 years of Karezza, my body very quickly shrugs off an isolated inadvertent ejaculation: some tiredness, but no moodiness, or discouragement, or other related symptoms that I used to feel after PMO or 'peak' orgasm from 'orthodox' intercourse.

I do sometimes have mood issues

but not this time. I think it was cuz of all that stored up hormonal desire, like I am really serious, the honeymoon effect 2. (See 1 first, is my suggestion, and then watch 2, you'll love it, LOL.)

But your point hits home. The path of least resistance and most pleasure is the Karezza path so getting back to it is automatic at this point.

By the way...I've found LOTS of benefits to keeping mouth closed during sex. I don't know why I was mouth breathing as I generally am careful to nose breathe, but during sex ESPECIALLY it helps to nose breathe and makes it all the more exquisite.